Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my life is still crazy. even though london is long gone.

I know I literally finished up my London blogging like 2 minutes ago, but I still have cool stories to share so alas, this blog will continue. There will be some slight changes, such as my grammar will be better and I won't be explaining the entirety of my days because they'll be pretty similar. I can pretty much guarantee they will all consist of work, reading and scrapbooking (as I've decided that a London scrapbook is my summer project).

So let's start with Wednesday, since I ended with Tuesday. =]
Wednesday was my 20 birthday. It's about freaking time I tell you. I was about at the end of my rope being 19 because everyone always gave me little baby looks when I told them how old I was. But no longer my friends. I have moved up in the world. It was a good day. Birthdays cease to be exciting at some point in your life and that point passed long ago. So although it was nice to be 20, I was back in the real world of Provo and had things to get done, such as work and whatnot. Kayla and Alyssa were still at my grandparents, so they came to Provo with me until I took them to the airport on Thursday. We had a nice dinner at Olive Garden that night with Grandma and then Kelsey (my roommate) threw a little get together at our apartment. It consisted of cookies made by Kelsey and brownies made by Alyssa and in attendance were Kayla, Alyssa, Kelsey, Zach and Ken (boys we know from last year). It was pretty chill and nice to catch up with everyone. At some point two boys from our ward, Johnny and Remington stopped by because they were trying to get to know people in the ward. We invited them in and started our first friendship with people in the ward. It was fabulous.

Lets skip forward to Friday. Kelsey and I had decided that we were going to invite all of the apartments in our ward over for a little game night type thing. We still didn't really know anyone so we just knocked on everyones door and told them the plan. When it came time for the 'party' to start, we quickly found out how social our ward it. Basically a million people showed up. And that's not a very big exaggeration. We literally ended up having to go outside because there were too many people. It was great. We got to meet tons of people and they are all way nice.

Saturday there was a stake service project. It was some hard work but it was great. We rearranged rocks in a rock river and laid sod. Kelsey and I continued to make new friends and solidify other friendships. It was some good times all around. We also discovered that day the importance of "The Stoop." If you hang out outside by the stairs of our condo building, people will flock to you and you will have lots of friends. But seriously. There were a million people out there and we've already made some great friends. I wish I could explain to you all of the hilariousness that goes on and all of the way cool people I've met.

Sunday was amazing. But really. Church was spectacular. I couldn't believe how great the lessons were. Later there was some more Stoop action going on, which was fabulous as well. My favorite part of the night though? When I was told that I look like a Disney Princess. I mean that sounds pretty weird, but he said he meant it as a compliment, so I took it for what it was worth. It's possible I only took it that way because the boy who said it was pretty attractive...

Monday (aka yesterday) I gained a new nickname. Our friend John found out I was born in Utah and has since referred to me as Sister Shelisa. I keep telling him that four years in Utah definitely doesn't count, but he disagrees...

That's all the tidbits of excitement for now. Keep checking back for more craziness.

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