Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i am the head of the church of england and i'm a mormon

Monday. Our last day for fun and games in London. We started the day walking over to the museum corner where the Victoria and Albert, Natural History and Science museums are located. Mom went to the V&A while Dad and I went to the Natural History. I wish I would have discovered this museum earlier on because it was SO COOL. For real though. It had some way legit exhibits. Dad and I headed over to the Sexual Nature exhibit, which as you may have guessed, is all about sex. But its sex between animals and plants. And it's pretty interesting actually. There are some pretty weird things that attract animals but really when it comes right down to it, they are the same as humans. With the exception that the female tends to be in charge of picking her mate in the animal world,  while the male is the one in charge of dating in the human world. The funniest part though were these super weird video's with Isabella Rossellini called Green Porno. And basically she dresses up as an animal and describes the sexual process of that animal. Except very strangely. I can't even really explain it except to say that there is no way anyone could take them seriously. It was definitely an interesting exhibit. After that we went to the mammal exhibit and learned all about different mammals and saw a bunch of taxidermied animals, some of which I'd never even heard of before. It was a great museum. I was pretty disappointed that the dinosaur exhibit was closed though. They said the dinosaurs were on holiday. Stupid dinosaurs. Mom really enjoyed the V&A as well and saw my favorite exhibits: the jewelry and the theatre exhibits.

After we had finished up there we went over to the British Museum. We split up again and I went and saw the African exhibit, which basically changed my mind about the British Museum. It really wasn't my favorite the first time I went. It's big and crowded and just not as interesting as I had hoped. But once your off the first floor, it's a whole new museum. The African exhibit was stunning. It reminded me of why I've always wanted to go to Africa. They have such a beautiful culture. I also saw an Australian exhibit but it was all of these weird drawings and not actual artifacts so I was a little disappointed. But the South American exhibit was also way cool and the Life and Death exhibit, which I had to walk through at one point, had this crazy role of mesh and all of these different pills were sewn onto it. It was kind of insane to see so many drugs and that we all use them. Mom and Dad weren't huge fans of the British Museum, but really it's hard to enjoy it if you just stick on the first floor. Everything on the first floor looks exactly the same.

We had some time so we ran back to the Christmas store once we had finished up at the British Museum. We got a bunch of ornaments and were back on the road towards the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. The Cabinet War Rooms were seriously spectacular. They had it looking the same way it did when Churchill used it because once the war was over, they just left everything to sit in the dust. It's another one of those things that is hard to explain how cool it was. I would have to say it was one of my favorite things while in London. The Churchill Museum wasn't quite as cool. It was really disorganized so we didn't stay long. But they did have some of Churchill's clothes in the Museum. He was one big dude. But a really amazing big dude.

After Churchill, we headed to Trafalgar Square. We stopped at a candy store, one of the same candy stores that my friends and I saw way back in the day and tried out some of their jar candy. Apple Bon Bons are my new fav for sure. After the candy store, we got some dinner at the Spaghetti House, which was one of the better Italian places we went to while in Europe. Then it was time for gelato, because how can you go to Trafalgar Square without going to Gino's for gelato. It was delicious as always, except that the sucky lady was there and she always jips us on the scoop size. And it was just really sad to be going there for the last time...

Because my parents hadn't seen Buckingham yet and we had time to kill, we walked down The Mall to Buckingham. It had started pouring buckets of rain at that point, but we still trudged along. All of the sudden, two cop cars pass us and we see two more farther down the road. We assume someone semi important must be coming so I get my camera out. Good thing I did because all of the sudden the stinking Queen is driving past! I couldnt' believe it. She didn't even have that much security with her and her car windows were completely see through. It was crazy. How perfect to end my journey the same way I started it. I saw the Queen at the wedding and the again just driving around. After that bit of excitement, we took some snappy pictures of the Palace and got the crap out of there because it was raining like crazy. Once back at the hotel it was time to pack up and get ready to leave the next morning...

P.S. My title is a quote from this hilarious video. You need to watch it.

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