Tuesday, June 28, 2011

please don't talk to me

Tuesday was airport day. Not a lot to say about it except that it went well. I got back to Provo safe and sound (which you should know already). I was determined not to sleep on my way back because my flight landed at 9 p.m. which is 4 a.m. in London so I needed to be extra tired when I got home so I would be able to go to bed. I watched four movies on the plane (I Am Number Four, The Dilemma, The Eagle and Just Go With It). All we pretty good. Some better than other but they did their job in keeping me awake. I held back any emotions about leaving, but it is still kind of sad to this day. I do hope to go back, but it just won't be the same. Anyways. I had a four hour connection in Dallas, which was actually a pretty good thing. Except for that I hate Texas. I've only ever been in their airport and that was enough for me. It is way too hot there. So after standing in the giant customs line, I had to collect my bags, go through another customs line (why, I'm still not sure), recheck my bags, go through security and finally I was done. It was pretty insane. I had time to grab some dinner and chat to one of the girls who had gone on the London Theatre program for a few minutes before jumping on my plane to Salt Lake. That plane ride was annoying. I hate talking to people on airplanes. Like for real hate it. I don't care who you are or why you're going wherever you're going or any of the other dumb small talk that comes up. So of course I sit next to the girl who talks nonstop. She even said "Oh, yeah I love to talk." To which I wanted to reply, "Oh well I don't," but I refrained. Finally I got her to stop talking for long enough to sort of fall asleep, which I didn't want to do but it was my only way out of talking. Once I got to the airport my grandma and sister Alyssa didn't even recognize me, so I had to call them and find out where the heck they were. Then it was a drive home and time for bed. Exciting stuff, I assure you.

I'm having trouble ending this post. Once I'm done, I feel like it's all really over and I'm struggling with that.

Until next time London, cheers.

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