Friday, June 24, 2011

tony the liar

Friday, Mom signed us up for a tour that went to Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath. Those of you who are avid readers of this here blog would know that I've already been to Stonehenge and Bath, but I was ok going back. I just wasn't a huge fan of an entire day where I would be dragged around by a tour guide. It's hard to go from a live-in tourist to a hard-core tourist, if that makes any sense to you at all. So anyways. We get on the bus and luckily, I score a seat with no one sitting by my which equals I don't have to talk to random strangers for the hours we're in the bus. Great news. I'll spare you the details of the bus ride because really it isn't all that exciting. But once we get to Salisbury, we go check out this cathedral that is apparently really cool and famous. I think probably it's only cool and famous because one of the copies of the Magna Carta is there (which by the way, means that I have officially seen all four remaining copies of the Magna Carta). Really, it's just another cathedral. And we didn't even get to see that much of it because Tony, the tour guide, was basically running through it and showed us nothing. Which is why my mom and I left the tour group to explore on our own for a minute. Also, this was the point in time where I realized that half the things Tony was spilling out of his mouth was a bunch of b.s. No lie. We even kept a list of potential lies to look them up later and a good majority of them were in fact lies. This was basically the end of my tolerance for Tony and we hadn't even really started the day yet. My dad found his humorous though, so I'm glad someone enjoyed all of his lies. We also grabbed lunch in Salisbury. Tony only gave us 35 minutes for lunch, which isn't very long in a town with no fast food. We ended up at a pub and grabbed us some panini's before literally running back to the bus.

After Salisbury, we drove to Stonehenge, which wasn't to far away. I believe it was along this drive where Tony insisted on pointing out ever single thatched roof we passed and telling us to get our cameras out to take a picture. Sorry Tony the Liar but one thatched roof is enough thatched roofs for a lifetime. I don't need you to point out every single one. Once we got to Stonehenge, it was about as exciting as it was the first time. I got the audio guide this time around, so that did improve things a bit. And we completely ditched Tony all together, which I don't think he necessarily appreciated but I didn't care what he had to make up about this site. Now my parents can say they've been there, so that's cool. Once it was time to get back to the bus, there were two people who were late. Tony was a big stickler about being on time and he was freaking out because they were like 5 minutes late. I mean granted, it was pretty annoying but I don't think we need to die over it or anything. So he decided to pull the bus up to the entrance, thinking that the late people will see it and run over. Bad idea mr. There were like a million buses there and none of us really knew what our bus looked like, we just knew Tony would be standing by it. So Tony ended up having to get out of the bus and go find them and it was all one crazy fiasco.

Next stop was Bath. Luckily, Tony left us alone and we could do our own tour here. Too bad we had like an hour and a half which is basically no time at all. So we sped through the actual Roman baths and got some pictures and then walked around the town for a couple of minutes and got back on the bus. It wasn't much different that the first time I went to Bath except it was spend up times 5. I think both of my parents were kind of disappointed by the little amount of time we were able to spend there. And to make matters worse, part of the reason we left so early was because Tony wanted to take us home via the scenic route. Guess what buddy? We didn't pay to see some trees and more thatched roofs. How annoying. And then we got stuck in traffic on the way back as well so it was quite a long ride home. It wasn't the worse day ever though. I just think it would have been more enjoyable if we had done it on our own rather than with Tony the Liar and all the other crazy tourists on the bus.

After we got back to London, I needed to go back to the Centre to get my luggage I'd left there. Dad and I decided to walk because the tube was being annoying and because we wouldn't have to pay to walk. It was a nice little walk and I now had clothes to wear so it was great.

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