Saturday, June 4, 2011

short shorts and mini skirts...

...that's all you would have seen if you'd been in London the past couple of days. It has been so stinking hot here, it's unbelievable. It was like being in California in the middle of the summer, except that it's suppose to be cold and rainy here not super deathly hot. It's actually pretty tolerable until you get in the tube station and then you just want to die.

Anyways. I'm sure you would rather here about some cool adventures rather than the weather, so here you go. Yesterday started out...oh man I don't even remember what we did...ummmm...oh yeah. Ok so we got up and headed to Wimbledon. Tara's dad is the men's tennis coach at BYU and he played in Wimbledon and made it to the final four. So he's basically really cool. But anyways Tara wanted to go out there and she knew the cool places and I figured it would be something sweet to do with my life. So Amy, Hannah, Scott, Tara, Corey and I headed off to Wimbledon. It's actually not that far away, the tube will take you right there. We had to walk a little to get to the fields but whats new. Unfortunately, once we got there, we discovered that you had to pay to see the fields, which was disappointing. But seeing the field just wasn't worth 9 pounds. See it from the outside was cool enough though. And we got strawberries and cream, which Wimbledon is famous for, and they were pretty delicious. After we were finished up at the fields, we walked to the actual village. It was a pretty cute village and Tara took us to this pretty awesome Indian restaurant. So it was a good time overall.

After Wimbledon, oh wait. Actually before Wimbledon, we went to the British Library. This was also pretty cool but not something we felt we needed to spend an extensive amount of time at. Most of the library you can't get into unless you have a library card (which I'm seriously considering going back to get...). But there is a room that has all the really cool stuff like the Magna Carta, the Gutenberg Bible and Codex Sinaiticus. They also have a bunch of authors journals/letters/writings which was freaking awesome, though maybe that's because I'm a nerdy English major (even though sometimes you can't tell from the crappy writing of this blog). They also had hand written lyrics from the Beatles which was sweet.

Ok so now after Wimbledon. Tara, Kaylee, Corey, Scott, Jessica and Emily S. and I all went to Wicked. It was so freaking awesome!!!! I know I've already seen it. Twice. But I didn't have to pay to see Le Mis, so I decided it was ok if I used that money to see Wicked and I'm so glad I did. Elpheba was the most amazing thing ever. I can't even explain how amazing. Everyone else was really good too but Elpheba blew me away. That musical seriously never will not be amazing to me. I loved it!

So today we had really good intentions but not really good success. We had plans to go to the British Museum this morning but as I was getting cash at the ATM, which I don't even do that often so of course this would happen to me, the stupid machine eats my card. And on top of that the stupid bank can't get it out, they have to call a mechanic and I don't want to wait around all day waiting for it, so I have to go back and get it on Monday. I'm kind of freaking out about this, but there really isn't anything I can do about it. They weren't even nice either. No apologies or anything. So annoying. By the time all of that went down, we weren't going to make it to the British Museum because we had made plans to go to Camden Market at noon. In hindsight, I'm not sure why we wouldn't allow ourselves to replan, because we weren't meeting up with anyone or anything, but whatever. So we headed to Camden.

Camden Market is kind of confusing at first. It looks like a crappy street market when you first get off the tube, which is why I didn't stay very long the first time we went there like the first week we were here. But if you keep on walking past all the crappy street people, you get to the real market which is legit. I might even say that it was as cool as Portobello Market. We didn't even make a dent in seeing all of it and we were there for 2 hours but it was great, I loved it. I wish we had markets like that in the States. Or actually, more specifically, where I live. That would make all of my wildest dreams come true. I'm sure somewhere in the US, there are cool markets and I've actually been to some pretty cool ones, but none of them compare to the markets out here. They are freaking awesome.

After Camden, we came home for all of like 20 minutes before Amy, Tara and I headed out to John Keats house. There was a little festival there and Tara is a giant Keats fan. Tara had put our name on the list for the free concert/poetry reading. Except that when we got there, which was three different tube lines away, we discovered she wasn't actually paying close enough attention the day of each event and the thing we were signed up for isn't until tomorrow. Great news right? Uh no. So tonight there's was a free poetry reading but we had to wait an hour and we didn't actually know if we would get in. Luckily (for Tara mostly because Amy and I might have killed her otherwise) we were able to get in. I've never been to a legit poetry reading but it was cool. I'm not actually the biggest poetry fan on planet Earth, but the poets were reading their own work and giving background on it and a lot of the poems had references to London so that was sweet. We were disappointed that no one actually read any Keats poetry but we did get to walk around the house for free during the little 10 minutes break between poets and normally you have to pay. That was pretty awesome. So yeah it was cool. Interesting experience for sure.

After Keats, we went for gelato in Trafalgar Square because that's the best way to end a night. =]

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