Sunday, July 10, 2011

chicken mcnugget

I've been getting complaints about not updating this here blog. Sorry that my life just hasn't been as exciting as it once was. But here's your update anyways.

Last weekend, Kelsey and I went to a party at our friend's apartment complex. We know Zac from last year and we just wanted to catch up and what not. We were informing Jon about our party plans and he stares at us in shock. "You're leaving us to go hang out with them? You're really going to leave the buffet to go to McDonald's?" he asks. Well folks, his metaphor was pretty exact. With the exception that I personally am not a buffet fan in real life. But our complex is seriously the bomb. We have tons of friends already and everyone is way nice and there is always someone to hang out with. Plus there are some really great guys to choose from, hence the buffet analogy. The place where the party was at is one of the complexes with not the best reputation in the world, which we easily confirmed as soon as we walked in and realized we were some of the only girls dressed not like skanks. Hence, McDonald's. The party, in my opinion, was pretty lame, until some other people from our ward showed up and then we just hung out with them because we were all feeling kind of weird. But before they showed up, Kelsey and I got attacked by this boy who proceeded to get my number. Not that I'm not flattered, but I'm also just not interested. Sooo from then on out, he has since been referred to as chicken mcnugget....poor boy. Maybe if he actually decides to use my number, then he'll get a chance to redeem himself and earn a new nickname, but we'll see if that really happens.

Wednesday, some of us went to watch a flag football game. Some boys in our ward were on the team and we were all being supportive. Too bad that plan bit me in the butt. Literally. They were playing on a turf field but there were mosquitoes everywhere, which makes no sense. Well, I was not prepared for that and so I got bit twice. Once on the leg and, yes folks, once on the butt. How does that even happen?!? I was wearing clothes so I should be protected in that area but I guess mosquitoes have super powers and can bit through clothes. And in case you didn't already know this fun fact about me, but I developed this awesome allergy a few years ago to mosquito bits and they swell up pretty ginormously. Not a fan.

This weekend, I drove down to Fish Lake for the fun filled Staheli Reunion. It was nice to hang out with the family. Nothing too exciting happened, it was just a nice relaxing trip. Thanks for all the family that was there and put it on/fed me/gave me a place to sleep/loved me and all that jazz.

So I just also have to say, because I'm really excited about it, that I ordered a bunch of pictures for my London scrapbook. I got the first order in the mail on Friday and I should have the rest this week. I love them! Also, I just found out that this girl I work with, who is currently studying abroad in London, is going to the same church I went to. I'm so excited! I loved that ward and I know she is going to love it to and I'll have someone to share that experience with once she gets back to Provo.

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