Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sexy apron lady

First thing yesterday morning, I got up and ran a few errands. They may sound like ridiculous errands to you, but whatever. I went over to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, which are next door to each other, and got a couple postcards I should have gotten when I was there the first time. There is this beautiful Monet painting at the National Gallery that I wanted a postcard of and there there is this smoking hot picture of William and Henry that I couldn't live without. After I had grabbed my postcards, I walked to the Cabinet War Rooms, to see about tickets. I'm not actually going until my parents get here, but I had nothing else to do and it's a nice little walk because it takes you past the Horse Guard place and Whitehall and stuff. Plus now I know where the Cabinet War Rooms are so we don't get lost when my parents are here.

After errands it was time for tea at Kensington Palace. I didn't think about this until we were walking over there as a big group, but I was basically fulfilling every little girls dream at that moment. Tea at a palace, just like a princess. Crazy stuff. Here's the thing though. I don't drink tea. I've never had tea. Any kind of tea. So we picked some herbal tea because apparently that's ok to drink. But it is also the most disgusting thing I have ever had to drink. I drank about 2 spoonfuls before setting it aside and deciding that I didn't care very much if I didn't fulfil my childhood dreams of a princess tea in a castle. It just wasn't worth the suffering. Later I discovered that I had chosen the worst flavor, but the others weren't all that delicious either. They also brought out little cucumber sandwiches (which were also not super yummy) and a fruit scone (which was yummy) and a little chocolate cake and orange/lemon tart (which were yummy as well). Overall it was a cool experience and I definitely feel like it's something I had to do while I was here in England, but I never care to experience another tea in my life.

After tea, Hannah, Amy and I ran to the Science Museum again to finish up some homework. We ran into some missionaries on the way there and one of them offered to give us a tour of the chapel that is right by the museum. I kindly informed him that we were already member, to which he replied that he could tell we were. Well buddy, if you could tell, why'd you ask in the first place. He then proceeded to ask us where we were fun and all that jazz. Then we found out he was basically almost done with his mission and would be a freshman at BYU in the fall. Someone seems to be getting a little desperate for the ladies... After the museum it was back to the Centre for more homework time and dinner duty. Fun stuff I know.

The group also had plans to see The Mousetrap after dinner. This is London's longest running play and it's a murder mystery so I was pretty excited about it. We had great seats and I enjoyed it, though I was kind of tried so I kept yawning and when I yawn my eyes water so I was basically crying throughout the whole thing which was pretty embarrassing. The best part though was during 'half-time' as my friends and I call intermission. I was sitting next to Kaylee and she had fallen asleep so I was explaining to her what was going on when Brother and Sister Crowe, two of our professors here, who were sitting on the other side of me, leaned over and asked me to recap for them too because they had fallen asleep. hahahaha Funniest thing ever. Good thing one of us was enjoying it so everyone else could find out what happened after they woke up from their nap.

Today we got up bright and early and went to the London temple. It was a great experience. I really do love the temple and I was excited to go because I hadn't gone since I left Provo. It was a little strange because I don't think they were use to getting such big groups in so the process was a little weird but its always great no matter how you go about getting it done. Baptisms were a little rough because the guy baptising at the time was kind of speeding and there wasn't a lot of time to breathe in between each one. You should be glad I'm still here to tell the tale.

After baptisms we had grand plans to go the Imperial War Museum but of course our time plans never actually work out and we didn't have time to go before dinner. So instead it was more homework time. At least I should be able to get all of my homework done before my parents get here...After dinner though, Tara introduced us to this pub that has the best chocolate cake ever so it ended up being a fab end to the night.

Also, you may be wondering about the title of this post. At dinner duty today, I was washing dishes and I was wearing an apron so I didn't get water all over me. I had multiple people come up to me and tell me how hot I looked in an apron. I wasn't aware 'hot' and 'apron' could even go together in the same sentence but I guess you learn something new every day. So in the future I would like to be referred to as the sexy apron lady. Ok, maybe not. But I do appreciate the compliments fellow study abroaders. =]

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