Friday, May 6, 2011

where are the candles?

Last nights candlelight concert at St. Martin's-in-the-Field was definitely not what I expected. At all. Let me first explain to you what I had imagined it would be like. First it's a concert right? So I'm thinking it'll be a little local band playing some catchy music and we can all socialize and have a little party. Kind of like a concert in the park type of thing. Then I'm thinking well the location is St. Martin's-in-the-Field. A field people. Once again, concert in the park type thing going on. Then the candlelight part comes in. So I'm assuming that we'd all be given a little candle and it would be super awesome looking and basically it was just all fabulous in my imagination.

Too bad my imagination is a lot cooler than reality sometimes. Here's what actually happened. We get there and it's one of London's many church's. It is not however, a field. Nor is there even any fields around because it 's in the middle of the city. But that's ok. I can live with it being in a church. Their always pretty cool looking on the inside so whatever. Then we take our seats and they are probably the most uncomfortable seats in the whole world. The backs are stick straight (this is a real analogy right? cuz if you think about it, most sticks aren't really straight at all....but anyways, they were extremely straight backed chairs) and the seat part is barely big enough for your butt. But once again, I'm like it's cool. I can live through an hour concert on a crappy chair. No biggy. Well then I find out that the candlelight part is basically a lie. There are like maybe 20 tea light candles around the church. Not enough to make a significant difference in the lighting. And then they don't even turn the lights off, they just slightly dim them. That was definitely a disappointment. But here's the icing on the cake. The whole concert was freaking classical music. Yep, that's right ladies and gentleman. Not what I was expecting at all. Ok, so it's not like I absolutely hate classical music or anything, but the only time I listen to it is when I'm doing homework and I need some non-distracting background noise. Classical music is not my idea of a concert. And here's what happened while said concert was going on. I fell asleep. Sorry music players, but I was really tired and I didn't care so much about your music. Then, just when I think it may be over, they have a 20 minute intermission, followed by another 90 minutes of music. So long.

Alright, alright so it really wasn't the most horrible thing of my life. It just failed to meet my expectations. And according to some person in my study abroad group, going to a concert at St. Martin's is one of the cool things to do when your in London, so at least now I can say I've done it.

Today, Tara, Kaylee and I went to Primark, which is this su[er cheap department store. It was great. Except it was also a freaking madhouse. I ended up buying a bunch of stuff that I will be returning because I was too frustrated to try them on. The line to even get a dressing room was literally 15 minutes long. But it was another good London experience and really, you can't beat their prices. Because it was such a madhouse, we all ended up getting split up and could never find each other, so we all went home on our own. After eating leftovers for lunch, Tara and I headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which I have decided is my favorite Museum of any I have ever been too. It was way way cool. Then we headed back home for dinner and I have since spent my night doing homework. I know, it's lame, but I have to get it done sometime.

I decided that I also need to go on a little rant about food. I love it. First of all, my family should be especially proud to know that I have eaten everything that has been put before me. I haven't been picky at all and have just been trying everything. Even for lunch when we go grab something to eat, I just order whatever because I have no idea what it is or what's in it and I just hope that it doesn't make me want to throw up. This has worked out surprisingly well for me. I can honestly say that the only food I wanted to throw up was the split pea soup. Because let's just face the facts, no one wants to eat split pea soup. It's disgusting and there's no way around that. Even the hot dogs we had weren't absolutely horrible, though that's probably because the buns were fabulous. Bread here is seriously amazing. I mean the hamburger and hot dog buns are like rolls. All of the bread is just soo yummy. Last night for dinner, we had fish and chips and once again I surprised myself by not hating it. It really didn't even have a fishy taste and I wouldn't mind eating it again. But let's get down to the really good stuff. Dessert. I will probably leave London weighing an extra 100 pounds. Ok, not really, because that would be disgusting. But they just have the most amazing desserts here. My new favorite place you ask? Gino's gelato. So amazing. Tara and I already decided that it will be a frequent stop, even if we have to take the tube like 5 stops to get there. So anyways, I just had to go on a little rant about how really the food doesn't suck here like everyone says it does and also that I am really proud of myself for being less picky and eating whatever is on the table.

P.S. I'm just going to add a disclaimer that I don't reread any of these posts. I've noticed some spelling errors in some of my other posts and your just going to have to deal with them because although I'm in editing and I do love to edit, I just am not willing to spend the extra time rereading these.

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  1. I remember a time when all you would eat is hotdogs and fruit loops. And I have to say, let's not put split pea soup on our list of things we must try when we're there. There seem to be too many other delicious must haves.