Sunday, May 22, 2011

previously omited thoughts

Another Sunday with not much to tell. Dean and Kathy Hughes gave us a little fireside which was pretty sweet. Kathy served as the 1st counselor of the General Relief Society presidency when Bonnie Parkin was president. They had some really great things to share with us and I enjoyed in thouroghly. But that was probably the most exciting thing that's happened today.

So instead of boring you with all the small details of my day, I'm going to share some thoughts that don't really fit into any other posts.

Thought Number 1: Where has all the rain gone?
Everyone said it would be cold and rainy in London. It's not. It's sunny and warm. And I did not bring appropriate clothing for warm weather. But I am appreciative of the lack of rain. Minus the other part where I haven't used the stupid rain boots I bought solely based on the fact that I thought it would rain every day. It's semi rained twice but never enough to need rain clothes or really even an umbrella. Secretly (or maybe not so secretly because I'm posting it on my blog) I would find it just a tad humorous if it rained the whole time my parents were here. Just because that would be so ironic.

Thought Number 2: Where are the freaking toilets? And trash cans?
London is the worst city for public restrooms and trash cans. They are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. It's the worst. Especially when your walking around all day and can never find a stupid toilet. But it's ok, I haven't wet my pants yet, so things are good so far.

Ok here's the thing. I had a lot more random thoughts. But it's kind of late and they've all escaped me. Sooo you'll just have to wait for random thoughts blog post number 2. =]

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