Monday, May 9, 2011

not the most exciting post ever

Sunday was basically the same as last Sunday. Church was great and they asked me to teach Young Women's the coming Sunday. After dinner I was able to have a great chat with my professors and some of the other students. I absolutely love my professors. They are the greatest. I also got to talk to my family for a while which was fabulous.

Today wasn't very exciting either. We had class, which is always really good. I really enjoy both my history and my literature class. Afterwards Hannah and I attempted one of our required walks. It was a really pretty walk along the Thames and we found the absolutely gorgeous church. We were only able to finish half of the walk because Hannah had to be back to the centre to help with dinner. One day we'll go back to finish it.

After dinner, Tara, Catherine and I went on another walk. It wasn't a super eventful walk but it was a quick one. We did see one of the houses that Charles Dickens lived in so that was pretty cool. Other than that, nothing too exciting happened unless you count the couple making out in the tube station. ;]

I got a pretty awesome compliment today though. As Tara, Catherine and I were walking to the tube station, I was telling a story and this man in front of us commented as we walked past that he enjoyed my accent. I thought it was pretty cool since usually I'm the one saying that.

We head for Bath tomorrow and we'll be over there until Friday afternoon. I'm pretty excited about it. I'll update you on all my adventures most likely when I return to London because I'm not totally positive I'll have internet access.

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