Monday, May 2, 2011

class days are weird

Why are class days weird, you ask. Well because we get out of class at 1. And then we have to be back at the centre by 5:20 for a little meeting a dinner. So there just isn't a lot of time once you travel to everywhere and what not. But that's ok. A good 75% of our group made a trip to My Old Dutch to get crepes for lunch. I had an apple and cinnamon crepe. So yummy! After lunch, Hannah, Garrett and I went to the Museum of London. We have to do a project for our history class using one of the exhibits and it was a really cool museum. It's basically all about the history of London. We didn't get to spend a ton of time there though, so I may have to go back.

After dinner, Hannah and I went on another walk for out walks class. We got lost. Not surprising. I seem to be an expert at getting lost. But hey, we got to see a lot of really cool things while we were lost so I don't really care so much. And even if I one day get so lost that I never find my way back to something recognizable, I have my Oyster card so I can just hope on the bus, which I now semi know how to use and I am an expert at the tube if I run into a tube station.

So really today wasn't super super exciting, but good nonetheless. Let me share some random things I've been thinking about though.

--The tubes are sometimes like a Disneyland ride. Almost like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Sometimes you'll be riding along and it's super bumpy and the driver will kind of slow down and then jerk forward really fast. Then the tunnels come along and there are electric sparks from the train that light up the windows. And sometimes you'll be walking through the station and there are these big gust of wind, just like when your riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Pretty great and almost as magical as Disneyland.
--People watching is something that I quite enjoy doing. I don't think the people here in London really like my people watching though. I do it mostly on the tube and I kind of get dirty looks. But I just can't help it, people are so interesting. So, I've decided I don't care. I'll never see lady with the bright orange lipstick again so what do I care if she thought I was a freak for watching her and her boyfriend.
--The food at the centre needs to improve soon. So far all we've had is American food. and today we had hot dogs. hot dogs. in London. I hate hot dogs. And they are not what I want to eat while I'm in a foreign country. But Alvero's (the resident manager) wife has been out of town. She'll be back tomorrow and then things better improve. or else I'm getting my money back. Ok, not really. And I really don't care that much. But it is a tad annoying.
--I like museum tours simply for the fact that I get to listen to people with an English accent talk non-stop. I mean you would think that I would hear more people with accents, and granted I do hear it everyday and quite often. But most of the time I'm with my friends from the Centre. And we're all American. I also like when British people make jokes about America. It's funnier coming from them.
--I really enjoy the fact that even though there are only 6 boys on this trip, I almost always end up being with one of them for the day. It's nice to not have to be surrounded by all girls. Plus the boys are just way cool. and hopefully none of them ever read this comment...
--I'm going to see The Lion King play/musical/whatever it is on Wednesday. I am so excited.
--I've stopped converting pounds into U.S. dollars. I won't ever buy anything otherwise because it'll be too expensive in American dollars.
--I've also stopped keeping track of what time or even what day it is in the U.S. That part of the world doesn't feel like real life anymore. Besides, as my sister says, I'm in the future. Which basically just means I'm really cool.
--I'm also really tired, if you hadn't noticed by how pointless this post is starting to get. Off to bed I think.

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  1. Kale would love the tube.. HIs favorite ride at Disneyland is Big Thunder Mountain. I really like reading your blog & seeing the pictures!! I HATE Leamington, & you give me some sense of adventure when I am sitting in my kitchen in this little town!! THANKS LOVE YOU!!!