Saturday, May 7, 2011

roads and markets

Last night I was convinced to get up and be ready by 7 this morning to go take pictures at Abby Road (the road made famous by the Beatles). I wasn't exactly ecstatic about this idea, but went along with it anyways because sometimes you just have to seize the day. It actually was pretty cool. We were all able to take pictures along the crosswalk without getting hit by cars, which is surprising because pedestrians don't have the right of way here so basically you can easily die if your standing in the middle of the road taking pictures. But we all lived through the experience. And now I can check that off my list as something I've done in my life.

Writing on the wall outside Abby Road Studios.
(The actually picture of us walking across the road isn't on my camera so that'll come later.)

After Abby Road, we kind of got split up but Tara, Hannah, Sidney and I went to Portobello Market. Its super close to our house and it's giant. It literally takes up the entire road and just keeps going and going for forever. There were tons of people too. It was really cool though. Lots of antiques, especially antique jewelry. There is a whole food section with fresh fruits and vegetable. There was an entire bread stand with tons of different kinds of bread loafs. There were chocolate covered churro's which I'm sure I'll have to go to with my dad because he is a churro freak. I bought these amazing pictures of London. They were a tad pricey but they are souvenirs I'll actually use so it was worth it too me. We also found scarfs for 1 pound and Tara and I went a little crazy. But not too crazy. I just loved walking around and looking at everything and wishing I had tons of money to buy everything I saw. Also, I just really like markets and this was by far the coolest one I've ever been too.

Then it was home again for some homework and then another walk for class. This walk was around the Soho and Trafalgar Square area. It started at a cute toy museum and a little park. After that it was just a strange walk through some strange parts of town. We saw a lot of XXX show locations, lingerie stores, etc. Probably not a part of town I'll ever visit again. But then it ended at Charing Cross Road (aka where are all the bookstores are) and also where Tara and I found our favorite gelato shop. So of course, we had to get gelato before making the trip back home. =]

Laura, Molly, Sidney, Shelisa, Tara at the toy museum.

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