Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'm so tired, it's beyond ridiculous.

Yesterday I'm not really sure what happened...

Just kidding. I remember now. We went to Greenwich all together. It was a cool little day tour. First we got on the tube and then on the Thames Clipper which is a little boat thingy that drives you down the Thames. It was great and we were able to get a ton of cool pictures. Once we got there we went to the National Maritime Museum, which was boring. I'm not even going to lie to you about it and make it sound really cool. I mean, it's not the worse museum I've ever been in and it was interesting to see some of the different tools that they used on ships back in the day. And there was this case of old swords which was probably what I thought was the coolest thing. I didn't even know that there were that many different kinds of swords. But basically I just had no interest in maritime stuff. Even my history professor said it was lame, so I don't feel bad. Afterward we attempted to see the Prime Meridian, which is at the National Observatory right above the museum. But they were going to make us pay 10 pounds to see a stupid line. So we vetoed that. And then found out later that there are places where it's marked around the observatory. But oh well. We just made up our own line and took a picture there. =]

The Tower Bridge from the back of the Clipper

After all of that stuff, we went and grabbed some lunch. We were going to attempt to walk under the Thames to the other side, because they have this cool pedestrian tunnel. But we couldn't find it. And we actually didn't look very hard because we were all pretty tired. We did come across this small market with like 10 booths. We got some good Chinese food and some amazing chocolate from this nice dude with free samples. Free samples are the way to go, for real. I never would have bought his chocolate if he hadn't given me free samples first.

Once we got home it was time to crack down on the homework. I got most of it done and probably should have stayed home to finish the rest but instead a big group of us went to The Lion King. Let me tell you, it was 50 million times better than staying home and doing homework. I absolutely loved it! The costumes were amazing and the choreography was fantastic. You need to go see it. They have shows in Vegas. So go. Now. It was also really cool to see it here in London, because at least 90%, if not more, of the cast was actually black and a lot of them were actually African and had cool African accents. For example, Simba, who was pretty hot, was made even hotter by his sweet accent. I don't even know what kind of accent it was, but definitely somewhere in Africa. So great. And funny. And just simply amazing.

Today has been super chill. I actually haven't even left our house except to grab lunch. We had classes this morning. I love love love our professors. They are such good teachers and just so awesome. Then I did my laundry. I know, super exciting. And then I started my next book for my Literature class, but fell asleep before I got very far. And now I'm here blogging. Tonight we're going to some candlelight something or other as a whole group so once I actually know what that is and how cool it is, I'll give you guys a better story on it. Although I feel kind of lame not really going out and doing anything tonight, I just needed a day to sleep. It's always go, go, go and the days are so long. There's no time to rest and then we don't really go to bed early so I've just been so tired these past few days. It'll be nice to go to bed a little earlier tonight.

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