Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i know i suck. don't rub it in.

Behind on the posting again. It's a problem, I understand. I'll try to be more on top of things again.

Sunday was pretty similar to every Sunday. Except that there are a few exciting moments I can share. First, public transportation basically stinks on the weekends. I think they are trying to make a bunch of improvements for when they have the Olympics here next year, so every weekend part of the tube is closed and sometimes part of the train lines are closed. Pretty annoying. So this week to get to church, we literally had to use every form of public transportation. First we took the two different tube lines to get to the train station. The train wouldn't take us as far as we needed it too so we had to take a bus to the tram station. Finally we took the tram and then walked the rest of the way. Needless to say, we were about 2 minutes late because of all of the crazyness. But here's the thing I think is great. When we got there, they were just finishing the opening song. At 10:02!!! If your a member of the church, you realize how monumental this is. I have never attended church in America where we actually started on time. At 10:02, there would still be a stream of people walking in.

Also on Sunday, I taught my first lesson. It was for the young women and they were really nice about it. It probably wasn't the best lesson ever but it wasn't horrible. It was super short though so we had a lot of chatting time afterwards, which I really enjoyed because we just got to talk about normal life. I love talking to the people at church because they give me a real view of what life in Britain is like. And it's cool to hear what they want to know about America.

Monday I had class and then I did some stuff for work. I got my summer students assigned to me already and I'm excited to hear their responses back form my first e-mail to them. Hannah and I also went to the Science Museum to look at a few exhibits for a class assignment. I'm writing a paper on how the invention of the combine harvester-thresher changed society. I though all you tractor people (aka mainly Kale and Grandpa) would think that was cool. They have a whole exhibit on farming and they have big old (and some not so old) tractors all over the place. I was going to take a picture for you guys but then I was silly and grabbed my camera without putting the battery back in after charging it.

Monday night our whole group went and saw Le Miserables. This wasn't originally on our list of things to do but they had extra money, which I was glad of because it wasn't more money out of my pocket to see it. It was pretty amazing. It was a tad bit confusing at first because I had trouble understanding everything that was being said. Some of the actors had pretty heavy accents and the entire thing is sung so the mixture of the two made comprehension difficult at points. That and the fact that I had no idea what it was about before hand, I'd just heard really good things about it and wanted to see it. It was definitely a good one and I'd totally see it again (cough, cough Mom and Dad). But really, it was awesome and so different than any other play I've seen.

Today we went to my new favorite place. Ok, you're probably thinking that I have about a million new favorite places all the time, which is true. So just humor me because they're all my favorite. But anyways, we went to Hampton Court and it was the freaking best. Unfortunatly I didn't get to see the whole thing because we weren't there long enough, but not to fret my dears, I'll just make sure that's something I can go do again when my parents get here. =] But really, it was beyond amazing. Maybe I just feel that way because I'm passionate about the Tudor dynasty (and Hampton Court was Henry VIII palace, in case you weren't aware). It makes me even more excited to see Tower of London and Hever Castle, both of which have Tudor connections. Also, Tara and I met the King. And got a picture with him. Beat that. Except the assistant to the king was standing a little too close to me during the picture. He was literally right up against me like we've known each other for forever. Little awkward. But then we also talked to them after our picture. Well more specifically, we talked to Master Thyn (pronounced thin but spelling it the way it sounds doesn't look as cool), the master of the household. He was being a tad flirtatious and the King had to remind him and inform us that he was married and had 9 children. (Warning, this part may be inappropriate for children...) So then Master Thyn is like "Oh yes. She just keeps popping them out, though I'm not sure how. We've only had sex 9 times." hahahahaha It was pretty funny people. And then right after the King was just like, "Well we have to be off now." It was great.

Awkward guy, me, the King, Master Thyn and Tara at Hampton Court

After Hampton we went to Downe to see Down House, which is Charles Darwins house. I know this might not sound that cool, but we just finished reading a book called "Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith" for my literature class. You should read it. For real. It gives you an entirely different perspective on Darwin. So anyways, it was way cool to see his house after just finishing a book about his life and about all of the things that happened in that house. They have an awesome garden and the house is way bigger than I expected. It was pretty fabulous. Great day overall.

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