Sunday, May 1, 2011

finding heaven

I found Heaven yesterday. It was not as easy task but it happened. Want to hear the tale?

It all started with a group walk through Regents Canal. This was one of the planned events and it was pretty cool. It was through little Italy and we got to see all the cute little boats. When we got to the finish it was at the top of Primrose Hill, which is giant, and we all felt like we were climbing up to campus again. But the view was great. You could see the London Eye, the BBC tower, the tip of St. Paul's. Way cool. My allergies were not a big fan of this walk. The pollen was crazy and my eyes were so itchy. So there probably will not be a visit back, but cool nonetheless.

We also have to do a bunch of walks around for one of our classes, which I may have already told you about. I don't remember. But one of the walks was through Regents Park so most everyone broke up into little groups to do that walk while we were already down there. This was also a cool walk and we got to see things that normal London visitors probably would go see. It was super pretty and just great all around. We were pretty much dead by the time it ended though. We had been walking straight for over 3 hours. My feet felt like they were dying. But on we kept going to Camden Market, which is one of the various markets in the area. We didn't stay long because we were in pain and there were so many people. But maybe one day I'll go back and check it out further.

This is the point in time where heaven gets just a little bit closer. I needed to go buy a book for one of my classes and instead of just finding a random book store, I decided to visit Charing Cross Road aka the road of bookstores. I was pretty excited because yes, I am a nerd and I love books. My friend Scott decided to come with me and the rest of our group stayed at Camden. We hoped on the tube and got off at Charing Cross Station. Now here's the funny part ladies and gentlemen. Charing Cross Station is not on Charing Cross Road. Stupid, I know. We check out the map, find the road and head off to our destination. Except we don't find it. Check another map and discover we've gone in the wrong direction. Head back the opposite way and still no Charing Cross Road. We stop in a few stores to ask people where it is and they all direct us back to the station. Hello. You people live in London. Charing Cross Road is famousish. I mean it's not everyone's destination when they come to London, but it had a Wikipedia page and that's where J.K. Rowling put the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron. People should know where it is, for real. Anyways, finally we asked Subway dude and he knew whats up. Kind of. We had to ask about 10 questions before we got a real good answer but it was a success. In case you ever want to go there, it's behind the National something Museum and you should get off on the Leicester Square station, not the Charing Cross station.

At this point we're walking along and we finally see the street sign. I'm pretty excited. Scott seems pretty chill about it all so I contain how excited I really am about it. But there were some sweet bookstores. One had all these way old copies of books and it was just fabulous. At this point it's like seeing the light when your about to die. And then all of the sudden it happens. I really die and go to Heaven. Because right there in front of me is Foyles. Foyles is basically like an English Borders. But giant. and filled with European books. I loved it. I could have spent hours in there. And don't be surprised if I make a trip back.

Our trip home was a tad bit crazy as well. Part of the tube broke down so we had to get on the bus. I've never been on a bus so I had no idea how it worked and Scott had only been on it once. But we finally figured out which bus we needed to be on and went on our way. Until all of the sudden the bus just stops and turns of the engine. What. The. Heck. We were way confused. We got off and there were two other buses stopped in front of ours and the front bus was going to the same place so we just got on that one and found our way home.

We were home for about an hour maybe and then a bunch of us decided to go to Primark, which is this fabulous department store where everything is super cute and super cheap. It was great. We were going to go to this exhibit at the Tate Modern afterwards, but my friend Tara and I didn't actually ever make it there. We were too excited about the shopping.

Today was also a fabulous day but you'll have to hear that story later cuz it's past my bed time...

Oh. also. I know you probably hate me because there are still no pictures up. But the internet is just so slow and it takes about a million years for the pictures to load. Soon my friends, I promise.


  1. I'm sure we will need to make a trip to bookstore road. if only to see the Leaky Cauldron. haha

  2. well heres the thing. theres not actually anything that i could see that marks the leaky cauldron. but thats definitely the street she writes it on.