Monday, May 2, 2011

one of my favorite days of the week

Church yesterday was fantastic. But instead of blabbering on about how fabulous it was, let me just outline for you what happened.

7 am: Get and and get ready
7:50: Out the door. Walk to the tube station.
8:25: Off the tube and at the train station.
8:30: Find out that the transport website lied to us and there isn't an 8:40 train. Sit at train station.
9:08: Get on train. Which is actually really cool cuz you get to see random parts of London.
9:31: Get off the train and wait for the tram.
9:40: Get on tram.
9:45: Get off tram. Walk out of the station and stand at the corner with the other 5 people assigned to my same ward looking super confused because we have no idea where to go from here.
9:48: Barbara comes and saves us as she notices our confusion while walking to church. She shows us the church, which is right across the street, and looks nothing like an old house (which the directions said it would look like) and is under construction. So basically we never would have found it if not for good old Barbara.
9:50: Walk into the church building. Everyone we walk past says hi and they are basically just the nicest people in the whole world. We walk into the chapel and immediately triple the white people population. No lie. One of the full time elders is also white, and the couple missionaries were white. The end.
10-11: Testimony meeting. You all know how this goes. Ok, well at least all the people that I know are for sure reading this blog. If any of my non-member friends are reading, then I apologize if this makes no sense. But anyways. First of all, the bishop asks us over the pulpit to bear our testimony so we basically have no choice. But no big deal. And there always has to be the freak that gets up to bear their testimony. Now, we all love these freaks because they make our lives more entertaining and we lucked out cuz Mr. Freak was the very first one to bear his testimony. We think he had mental problems though so I did feel bad for him. But theres really no denying the fact that it's just a tad bit difficult to not laugh when he runs off the stage in the middle of his testimony. Really guys, it was pretty classic. We also had two converts bear their testimony. They had just gotten confirmed that morning and it was really great to hear them. Plus, I'm kind of a fan that I get to hang out with African men with English accents when I go to church. Not a bad deal, I'd say.
11-1: They ask me to hang out with the young women, which I'm perfectly happy to do. They were so much fun and it was so great to be with real Londoners and see things from their perspective. They kept making blond jokes, and then looking at me, laughing hysterically and then apologizing. It was pretty great.
1-3: Made our way back to the Centre.
3-12: Homework, skyped the family, fireside (which was really bizarre because the guy basically talked about nothing) and that's about it. I've decided no more homework on Sunday's though. We are allowed to go to Museums on Sunday's, so I think that's what I'm going to try to spend my extra time doing.

So even though we basically spend 7 hours at church once you factor in travel time, because our ward isn't even in London or the Greater London County but it Surrey, I love it so much and I wouldn't trade it for a closer ward at all. It's hard to really explain how amazing it was but it really is going to be one of the greatest experiences I'll have here in London.

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