Monday, July 25, 2011

literally freezing my butt off

Saturday night some friends and I went ice blocking. As my dad informed me, his "generation invented ice blocking" so I shouldn't need to explain what it is, but just in case, you take a block of ice, sit on it, and slid down a hill. Pretty simple. It was tons of fun and a great little adventure since most of us hadn't done it before, myself included. I thought I might give those of you who want to ice block a few tips:

1. Use a towel in between you and the ice. Otherwise you're cold and your butt gets stuck to the ice.
2. Accept the fact that you may crash. Every time. I only made it all the way down the hill on the ice once. The rest of the time, I rolled half way down the hill while the ice slid down without me...
3. Be a little risky. But not too risky. We did some pretty sweet things like going down as a train (until my ice block came out from underneath me and we all ran into each other) or going down backwards (too risky in my book) but it makes it all the more enjoyable.
4. Choose your hill wisely. Our hill was big. And scary.
5. If the park your at has a sign warning you that ice blocking is dangerous, do it anyways. I only walked away with a bruise and I crashed more than anyone else. And according to Wikipedia "hazards include falls, bruises, bug bites and getting covered in mud." We all know that Wikipedia can be trusted completely, which means your hazards are minimal. =]
6. If you're a girl, go with boys. They do dumb things and you can laugh at them.

So once everything is said and done, you should experience this recreational activity at least once in your life time. That way you can tell your kids that your generation invented ice blocking. And they'll never even know who really invented it.

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