Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You'll never guess who the next big T.V. star is...

Let me backtrack a little before jumping into that bit of information though. Last week I was able to go home and visit my family. It was some fabulous times. I also went to Girl's Camp as a leader with my sisters and dad. We hiked mountains, peed in the woods and took minimal showers. Sounds great huh?

So after camp, we were relaxing at home and going through the recording of the Royal Wedding since I didn't actually see the wedding part as I was standing outside of Buckingham Palace that morning experience my own little part of the wedding. We're going through all of the pre-wedding stuff and we get to the part where Pippa and the other bridesmaids and page boys drive past Buckingham on their way to Westminster. Well folks, guess what happens that that part? The cars drive right past where my friends and I were standing and you can freaking see my face in the crowd. No lie. I have become an international televison star. Now if only people knew my name...


  1. Please don't let fame go to your head! lol

  2. What! Could you see any of the rest of us, or just you? Shelisa I am so jealous!