Wednesday, July 20, 2011

tis the season

I have a slight obsession with textbooks. Only at the very beginning of the semester when they're all new and I get to see what I'm learning about. I get beyond excited about it. So excited in fact, that I may have gone to the BYU bookstore this afternoon to see what textbooks were available for me to buy. Yes, I know, Fall semester doesn't start for another month. But I just couldn't contain myself.

I came away with two packets for my Living Prophets class, a hymn book in Spanish for my Spanish class, computer exercises for my Spanish class (which I have to return because I'm dumb and didn't realize that they are for Mac's only...unless my parents go out on a whim and decide they love me enough to buy me a Mac), and flashcards for my Spanish class, which was the most exciting purchase. Why? Because next to text books, flashcards are my second obsession. I have made flashcards for every class I've ever taken at BYU. And they may or may not all be saved in a box under my bed...Really though, I learn so well by using flashcards for terms and whatnot. So I'm freaking excited that some smarty decided that it would be a genius idea to make flashcards for us because now I don't have to spend a million hours making them. And I can also look through them before I'm even in the class!! Which is how I determined that my Spanish skills suck a lot worse than I thought they did...

You may have also noticed that I didn't actually get any real textbooks. I'm pretty disappointed about that, but they didn't have any of the ones I needed out on the floor yet. I jumped the gun just a little too much I suppose.

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