Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Five Person Companionship

There is so much to tell you, I don't even know where to start really. There were a couple things I forgot to tell you last week that I'll share now.

We ran into Maribel on the street last Tuesday and she said that her son, who was in immigration jail for crossing the boarder, got released and is getting sent to New York. He got here on Friday and we still haven't met him yet. But we're all a little confused about how he got released, including all of the members. But Maribel says this is the solution to all of her problems, which it sort of is so we're happy for her. We really want to set a baptismal date but she still has to find a new apartment for her and her son so that she isn't living with her boyfriend.

There was a ward birthday party a week and a half ago. Nothing super special however we did have an awesome game of duck, duck, goose and all the adults played. It was soooo funny to see all these moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas running around playing duck, duck, goose. I love that in the Latino culture, people just want to have fun and enjoy themselves and it doesn't matter if they have to play little kid games to do so.

The city was fun last p-day. It was so good to see Sister Barker. Her companion, with some other missionaries that are leaving in the next 2 transfers, went to see the play Wicked so Sister Barker just hung out with Sister Brog and I all day. We just walked around the city and Central Park. The cool part of the day was when we went back to the theater to drop Sister Barker off, we saw a famous guy!! I don't even know his name so that's embarrassing a little bit. But we got his autograph and a picture with him. He is one of the actors in the TV show Glee. He plays Jessie. So that was basically awesome and I thought Sister Barker was going to die from excitement. I've included a picture for your enjoyment.

This week has been crazy! So, there are three Spanish sister areas in our zone: Yonkers, New Rochelle and White Plains. On Thursday, one of the White Plains sisters went home so the other sister didn't have a companion. One of the Yonkers sisters has been really sick with migraines and can't always go out and work. So President met with the 5 of us on Sunday and decided that we would all be a weird 5 person type companionship for 10 days until the transfer ends. Sister Dalley, who is working in White Plains moved up to our apartment, where we live with the Yonkers sisters. But we're still supposed to be working in all three areas. Except that depending on whether or not Sister Sheets (the sister with the migraines) can go out depends on how many areas we can go to in one day because someone has to stay home with her. So each day is a big complicated mess of who is going where with who. We decided that as much as possible, original companions should stay together. So Sister Brog and I have been together the whole time, which has been good because I get weirdly attached to my companions and never want to leave them. Sister Dalley is also with us most of the time so it's a fun little trio for a good majority of the time. But its really hard to plan for lessons because we never really know what area we'll be working in or if one of us will need to stay in with Sister Sheets and then we can only work in one area instead of two. It's crazy!! I swear that these kinds of situations just seem to be attracted to me. But it's fine because even though its crazy, it's kind of fun and I've already learned a lot about patience and love in a short amount of time.

I hope you are all doing well!

Hermana Parkin

                                      The Yankee's Game

                            Hermana Parkin's little accident.

        Sister Sheets made Hermana Parkin a cake for her birthday!

                     The "famous guy" from the TV show Glee.

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