Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lunch With My Dad!!!


Not too much to report from this week. It's been a pretty normal week as far as missionary work goes. I'm not sure if I've mentioned Manuel yet but he's a newer investigator and reminds me a lot of Felix from the Bronx. It's kind of hard to teach him because he has so many questions that are pretty deep and we don't really have good answers for him, especially in Spanish. Luckily we've had awesome members to help us out. But one of the members that is helping is a man so unless we also find a third women, we have to meet somewhere public. So the last time we met with him, we met at the church and since we couldn't be inside with just men, we took chairs outside and sat in front of the doors in our chairs. We looked ridiculous I'm sure because normal people would just go inside and not have any problems.But we missionaries have to be safe and not have any chances of getting attacked by men so we meet awkwardly outside of the perfectly air conditioned and clean and quite chapel. haha I wish we could have taken a picture to send to President Morgan to show him that we are being obedient!

The stake had a meeting with us on Sunday and told us that they want to have 120 people at church on August 11, which is when we have Ward Conference. We had 65 people there this past Sunday. So we have a lot of work to do. The stake really doesn't want all the work to fall onto the missionaries, but realistically that's probably what will end up happening so we're trying to spend our time finding less actives that we don't know about and get them back to church in the next month. It's going to be crazy but I know that as we put forth all of our efforts the Lord will bless us with miracles.

President Morgan is letting my Dad and I have lunch together today while he's in town for work! I'm so excited!! So we're going to head out to go do that!

Hermana Parkin

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