Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Puppy Kisses

Okay so this week has some more entertaining stories than normal. New Rochelle just doesn't have as many crazy people as the Bronx did so my funny stories are slim and not as funny as the story about the man that kissed me on the sidewalk...

But this week was full of puppy kisses. We went to this semi-active members house and she was telling us about some of the things that are going on in her life right now and they are really sad, hard things and she was crying and it was really intense. As she's telling us all about these things, her cute little puppy comes up to me and I pet it's head a little and then it starts lick attacking my hand! But it's not that big of a deal because I can wash my hands and I'm trying to listen to this lady so I'm just letting the dog lick me and it's whatever. But then she starts getting to the really intense part of her life situation, and the dog starts to lick my legs and it tickles SO MUCH! So now I'm sitting at this table where she can't see the dog and trying not to laugh in the middle of her sad story. And even when I try to gentle kick the dog away, it won't leave me alone! Luckily, she got a phone call she had to take so she went in the other room and I could get the dog to stop licking me and go away before she came back and I could just pretend like nothing had happened. haha

Ok well actually that's the only funny thing that I can remember happening and like I said, it's really not even that funny. But the coolest thing that happened this week was that I was on a split with one of the other sisters on Saturday and we had this super awesome super spiritual lesson with Fernando (whose family is now all back in Peru). And he finally was like "I have to stop putting all the temporal things first in my life and put the spiritual things first instead." And in my head I'm like "YES! Finally! We're going places now!!" But out loud I say, "So how are you going to do that?" and he responds, "I need to come to church and read the Book of Mormon." And then I almost jumped for joy but kept it together and agreed with him. And then on Sunday, you know who came to church? Fernando!! The first time he's come to church the whole time I've been in this ward! It was so cool and the ward was SUPER welcoming and everyone was saying 'Hi' and the Bishop was asking him why he's not baptized yet and it was great. I'm so excited that he's making progress again because basically he stopped progressing once the mom of his kids came here. President Morgan has asked the mission to set a goal of one baptism per companionship in the month of September and I really would like that person to be Fernando but we'll have to see if he's ready for that.

So I've started a bad habit that's going around the mission. Before I left on my mission, Alyssa would always say that everything was "poopy" instead of "crappy" or whatever other word and so I thought it was funny and would say it to sort of make fun of her. But now that's basically the only word I used when I want to say that something was bad. And I don't even really think about it, it just comes out. Except that I've slowly been passing that habit onto my companions who then pass it on to their next companions and now too many people are running around saying that everything is "poopy." So my new goal in life is to cut out all such words from my vocabulary so that A) I don't sound like a 5-year-old child and B) so that everyone else stops saying it because I'm pretty positive those English missionaries wouldn't get a whole lot of respect from their ward if they're running around calling everything "poopy."

And last quick story is that I called this less active lady we've never met before to set up an appointment with her and when we got to her house she was really surprised and was like "Neither of you are latina." and we're like "Noo..." (We're both blonde and super white so it should be pretty obvious that we're not latina's.) And then she says, "Well the girl I talked to on the phone sounded like she was latina." And then I said to myself (because apparently we can see from these stories that I talk to myself a lot) "YES! I can actually speak Spanish and not sound like a total idiot!" Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of times when I do sound like a total idiot but I'm glad that there are occasions when I actually can speak Spanish correctly.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Hermana Parkin

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