Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fireflies vs. Mosquitoes

This week started with fiasco's as a Sister Training Leader. On Monday, we got a call from the assistants to the president asking us to go help a companionship of sisters in Norwalk, CT because they have been struggling with a few different things in their area. They said that President wanted us to go up there as soon as possible. Well, we already planned an exchange with the sisters serving in Stamford, CT and were going to have to drive up there later that night. All of the appointments we had set had called and cancelled on us except for one. So we call the girls in Norwalk and asked if they would be busy in an hour. They said that all of their appointments had also canceled so we decided to cancel our last appointment and drive up there and spend a few hours with them. Their ward doesn't really trust the missionaries because of some things that past missionaries have done there so we brainstormed ideas on how to gain back the wards trust and then split with them and worked in their area for an hour and a half or so. I don't really feel like I didn't anything super special but it felt awesome to be serving them and basically it was like they were more investigators that I was helping progress down the missionary pathway, except that they were way more willing to listen and willing to put into action some of the ideas that we had. So even though I think maybe someone was crazy to give me this calling, I enjoy having more opportunities to serve those around me.

Then that night we split with the other sisters and I took one of them back to New Rochelle with me. She is a sister serving in English and we had 6 appointments on Tuesday and not very many of them spoke English. I felt bad that she just had to follow me around most of the day and didn't have too many opportunities to participate but she said she had a good day. We did meet with two people that speak English so she was able to help with those and that was awesome. Also, we finally met with Leydi again after 2 1/2 weeks. I've been so worried that someone died or something because we haven't been able to contact her. But she was just super sick (I mean I guess that's not a 'just' kind of thing but in comparison to someone being dead) and couldn't do anything because she felt so bad. She's doing a little better now but she's super sad that she can't go to the temple today, which is the day we had planned for. But since she was sick she wasn't able to get a recommend and the temple is closed for cleaning, which we didn't know about before so we wouldn't have been able to go anyways. So our new plan is to go the 14 of August and she's super excited but also sad that she has to wait for so long. Also random side note, am I the only crazy person that automatically jumps to the conclusion of death when something is wrong with someone? Literally, I thought maybe one of her kids had died on their way to Peru and I was really concerned about it....

I keep forgetting to tell you about the bug dilemma I'm having here in New York. About a month ago I discovered fireflies! They are probably the coolest bug on the planet, which says a lot because bugs are gross. But they make the night all sparkly and it's so cool! But also when the fireflies are out, so are the mosquitoes and apparently I'm just super attractive to those mosquitoes because I literally get another bite every night. It's the worst! So I think I'm going to have to sacrifice seeing the fireflies to also avoid the mosquitoes so that my legs will stop looking like I have the chicken pox.

Yesterday was a super sad day. Fernando called and told us that when Lourdes (the mom of his kids) goes back to Peru on Thursday, that Fernando Jr. is going to go with her. I'm so sad!! I stinking love that little kid and he doesn't really understand that I probably won't be here anymore when he gets back in September. So we went over yesterday to say goodbye. I'm glad Fernando won't be leaving though because he is also super awesome even though sometimes I am annoyed because he won't stinking come to church.

Ok I think that's all my random ranting for now. Here's a few pictures for you all to enjoy.

Hermana Parkin

Picture 1: Our 5-panionship on the 4th of July. So festive!
Picture 2: Me with Fernandito, Lourdes and Antonela.
Picture 3: Me and Sister Brog with Maribel. (Clearly from these pictures, we see that I am a huge fatty giant in comparison to all the shorty Latino people I serve around....)

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