This week has been so coooold! I think winter finally came to New
York/Connecticut (since there's where I actually am). I'm really sad
about it. My dreams of making it through January without getting
frozen have been destroyed. :( I also discovered that they do this
weird thing upstate called 'grounded' and if it's snowing too bad,
then we can't use our cars. So on Thursday night, there was a bad snow
storm and we got grounded. But on Friday, we didn't want to sit at our
apartment all day, so we walked 2.85 miles to the church in huge piles
of snow that went up to our knees almost. Have you ever walked that
far in that much snow? It's really exhausting. I'm not sure why it
took them so long to let us be able to drive again but we couldn't
drive until 3:30. Some of the elders were at the church too so we did
some online proselyting and tried to use our time effectively. We were
just about to walk to an appointment when we got the okay to drive
again so luckily our roommates could pick us up and we could get our
car and be on our way. Also, did I mention that we're driving the
little red corolla again? The same one I had in New Rochelle! I
thought maybe I would kill it in the snow storm on Thursday because I
don't really know how to drive in the snow, but we all made it out

I got a phone call from one of the elders the other night. He starts
out the conversation "Sister Parkin, I have a serious question for
you." And in my head I'm like, uhhhh okay? What's going on now. But I
just say "Okay, what's up?" And then he's like "You've seen My Big Fat
Greek Wedding, right?" Me: "uh, yeah..." Him: "Okay, so you know how
the dad thinks that Windex can fix everything. And then it actually
does get rid of a zit?" Me: "yeah..." Him: "do you think that actually
works in real life?" At this point in my head, I'm like "is this for
real happening right now? An elder is calling me to find out if he can
fix his zit with Windex" but I don't say that to him because that's
rude. So I just say "well, I don't think I would ever use Windex on my
zits...but if you need something to fix them with, I probably have
something to help you out. Just don't use Windex." Hahaha it was legit
one of the funniest calls I've ever gotten. I'm glad that the elders
feel comfortable coming to me for help, even if it is just to know if
Windex cures zits.

We are literally seeing so many blessings everyday here in Stamford.
There are so many potential people to teach. It's crazy and so
awesome! My favorite person is still Claudio because he's just the
nicest ever and is working so hard to get back into everything. But we
have some really awesome potential investigators too. And the cousin
of a member in New Rochelle started talking to me online about the
church and so we got to teach him the Restoration. We're trying to get
him to contact missionaries in Texas, where he lives, but until then,
we're excited to be able to teach him a little bit through Facebook

I think that's about as exciting as life gets right now. There's lots
of work to do and I love being a missionary! I hope your all doing

Love you!
Hermana Parkin