Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blessings in Stamford


So this week has been awesome!! We met with Claudio on Thursday and he
is literally a different person. He has really been trying to get his
habits of prayer and scripture study again and he's working hard to do
it. When we met with him on Thursday, he was already in 1 Nephi 18 and
he'd only been reading for 2 days! When we all looked at him with
faces of shock, he started to apologize for not reading more. Haha We
had to explain that we were excited not upset that he had read so
much. And yesterday, he told us that he was almost done with 1 Nephi.
He's so great. He said he feels so good and he feels like he's changed
so much,which is totally true. He seems so much happier and more alive
than he did when we first met with him. He is such a great example to
me of someone who really wants to love the gospel of Christ.

We also are working with these cute little sisters. Marisol is 9 and
Marlene is 8. The English elders we're teaching them for a while but
their mom doesn't speak any English so they couldn't really
communicate with her and explain about going to church and all that
stuff. So they decided that we should teach them and that way we can
talk to the mom and also try to teach her. So we had a lesson over
there and the bishop and his wife were coming so that they could meet
the mom and see if the mom would feel comfortable if they picked up
the girls for church on Sunday. She was and all went well and they
came to church and it was awesome! The elders have been trying to get
them to church for a long time and they finally got there!

So at this same appointment, we were waiting outside for Bishop and
his wife to get there so we're just standing outside the house. This
guy is driving past and he just stops in the middle of the street and
asks in broken English if we need a ride. I respond in Spanish that
we're just waiting for someone. And then before he can hit on us
because that's what it looked like he wanted to do, I explained that
we were missionaries and only talk about Jesus. And then to my
surprise, he said, well I would love to talk about Jesus! So he gave
us his number, which we then gave to the elders in case he was a
creep. And then he set up an appointment with the elders. It was so
crazy! Another cool blessing we received in Stamford.

Yesterday we went on an exchange with the Sister Training Leaders.
Ours are sister Brog and Sister Keanini, who are serving in Danbury
and I got to go up to Danbury with Sister Brog. It was so much fun to
serve with her again for the day and see how much she's grown since we
were companions. Plus she had appointments set up that day with all my
favorite people! So I got to see Pamela, Ingrid, Isamar and Orquidia!!
It was the best thing ever!

So basically life is great! I hope it is great for all of you as well!!

Hermana Parkin

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