Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This week has been a week of changes. First we had to move apartments because we received more Elder companionship's and they didn't have a place to live. So we moved back in with the English sisters in the apartment they moved into about 7 weeks ago. It's a really nice apartment but it's going to be interesting having 5 girls living in an apartment with one shower. The stinkiest part is that we now live even farther away from both the church and our area. But we got rid of our mice and cockroach problems and we live closer to a grocery store and  Target so I'm not going to complain too much.

Sister Barker and I also got our new companion today. Her name is Hermana Skinner. She is so cute! We've only know her for like half a second but she already fits really well into our companionship. Fun fact: She read my blog before her mission! There are actual real people that read this thing! Good to know I'm not wasting my breath...or my finger energy. So we're excited to be working with her and training her and loving her. It will be interesting being in a trio but it's going to be great and we're going to do amazing thing together. For example, we can now enter a house whenever we want because we automatically have the third girl that is supposed to be with us if there are no lady's in the home. Yay! haha

Hermano Feliz got baptized on Saturday and it was so great! He is just the cutest little older man ever. He said he felt like a new person after the baptism and he stood up and told everyone how grateful he was to them because he feels like he's gained a new family by getting baptized. It was so great! He's probably going to be a bishop or something one day because that's how awesome he is.

Bethany, who very sadly hasn't been to church since she got confirmed, came to church on Sunday! It was the best thing ever! I almost cried of joy to see her there. I guess there have been a lot of family problems, like they got evicted from their apartment and stuff but I think it's sort of a blessing in disguise because now they are living with their grandma so she can come to church with her. She said she really missed church so I hope that she's able to keep coming because I've been really missing her there.

Hope you are all doing well! Love you all lots!
Hermana Parkin

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