Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crazy Situations

Hey all!

So I've officially completed my first week serving in English. It's been so much better than I was anticipating. Being in the Spanish program, we tend to come up with some prejudices against the English program. Thus, I pretty much thought I was going to hate my life serving in English. But it's been so great. Sister Lotulelei is an amazing missionary and we have a great time together. The ward has been so welcoming and friendly and I love them just as much as the Concourse ward. The work is pretty similar and I still speak Spanish quite often because it's hard not to run into Spanish speaking people in the Bronx.

Just like any other ward, there are definitely some crazy people in this ward. This one less active lady we visited one of my first days told us probably 25 times about how she lives alone and is usually alone at home so she just sits around her house without clothes on and how right before we came over she didn't have anything on (and was only covered then by a bathrobe). So that was a little awkward and not exactly something that I was ever expecting to happen on my mission.

I'm pretty sure that I also just attract crazy situations. I feel like all the psycho weird things usually happen to me. The other day we get a phone call from our district leader and he was with this guy who claims he met Sister Barker and I at the store and wants to learn more about the church. Neither of us have any recollection of this guy but he lives in my new area so we go over to visit him the other day. Our district leader had mentioned that we might want to bring a guy with us if we go over there but he didn't make it seem like a huge deal and we couldn't find anyone to come with us. So we decided to go over and get his phone number and set up another time to meet with him because all we had was his address. So we go over and talk to him and he's like a forty year old guy and we think he might have some mental disabilities because he kind of saying some weird stuff but nothing that was super creeping us out. But when we left we decided that it would be better just to have the elders go visit him. So later than night, we start getting phone calls from a private number. We don't answer and two hours later we have 14 missed calls and 14 messages from this private number. We start listening to them and it's this guy and he's telling us all about how he loves me and how he won't be able to come to church because his mom won't let him but that he just wants me to know that he loves me. Super weird but also we were pretty much rolling on the floor laughing. Clearly, we will never be visiting him ever again and President Morgan told us how to block his number so he won't be able to contact us anymore. But I guess if I never find anyone who wants to marry me, I can always come back to the Bronx and find one of my admirers here. ;)

Besides the crazies that we run into, things are going wonderfully. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and take the time to reflect on all that Jesus has done for you.

Lots of love,
Hermana Parkin

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