Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big Changes in New York

Hey all!

Things are still going really well here in the Bronx! But the coolest part of my life at this very moment is that I'm emailing you all from the original New York Public Library. Yep, that one on Fifth Ave and 42nd. The cool one with the lions in front. I feel like a real New Yorker and it's so cool!!!! I know you are all thinking that I'm the hugest nerd on earth, but I don't even care because this is basically a dream coming true right now. =]

Hermano Feliz is getting baptized on Saturday and we're so excited. He is going to be a amazing addition to the ward. He is excited as well, but as an older man, he doesn't really show his excitement  But we know that he really wants it and that he loves everything the church teaches and everything he has learned and he's willing to follow all of the commandments. He even stopped working on Sunday, even though he needs the extra money. He is just so great!

We had interviews with President Morgan yesterday. He brought Sister Barker and I in together (which he wasn't doing with any other companionship so we were a little concerned that we were in huge trouble or something) and.... I'm training again! President has asked Sister barker and I to trio-train so this next cycle I'll be finishing training Sister Barker and together we'll be training a new sister. It's going to be crazy but I'm really excited. So I'll definitely stay in the Bronx until April 16th and maybe 6 more weeks after that if President has me stay to finish training in a trio. It's so weird that by the time the April transfer comes around, I'll have already served half of my mission and I'll never have left the Bronx.

We went on a split with the traveling sisters this past Thursday. It was really good and is always a good learning opportunity. I  was a little disappointed because I had to stay in the Bronx again. My companions never know the area well enough to be the one that stays when we have splits. It was still really awesome, I was just a tad bit jealous that Sister Barker got to go on an adventure in someone else's area while I had a normal day in our area.

We're supposed to be getting 40 new missionaries this transfer, which is crazy! President Morgan told us that our zone, because of all the great work we've been doing, will be getting as many of those missionaries as possible. So we're looking forward to a lot of new changes next week.

I hope all is well in your lives! Love you all lots!
Hermana Parkin

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