Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sleep Deprivation

Not too much to tell this week so I'm going to keep it short so that I can go home and take a nap before p-day ends...

Hermana Skinner, Hermana Barker and I are doing great. We're basically like three best friends walking around all the time. It's good times, which I'm really grateful for because I was worried about being with two companions. But they're awesome missionaries and are going to do awesome things.

We went into Manhattan today. We went down to the 9/11 Memorial. It was really cool to see that. I feel weird putting the word cool because it was really sad but the memorial was really pretty and I do think it's cool that they have such an awesome memorial for all of the people that were so greatly affected by that day. The new World Trade Center buildings are pretty awesome looking as well. Then we went into Chinatown, which I still pretty much hate because there are too many people walking around and too many drug seller types that want you to follow them around so you can buy fake designer things for too much money and feel like the cops are going to come and get you as you walk into a secret alleyway to do your drug deal for a fake Prada bag. Then we went to Times Square for 5 minutes and ate at Shake Shack, which is this pretty delicious but very much over priced burger place. We did run into some members of the church in Chinatown so that was cool. I like when people recognize me as a LDS missionary. It makes me feel kind of like a rock star. But a rock star that doesn't do drugs or have 12 boyfriends or walk around with bodyguards. I mean, I guess I pretty much walk around with God though and I'd say he's the best bodyguard around. (Yep, that was a cheesy line. We'll just blame it on the fact that I'm soooo tired.)

The work is still going well. I have a feeling I'll be leaving the Bronx soon and I'm really sad about that. I actually have no idea if I will but by the time the end of this transfer comes around, I'll be like a week away from finishing half of my mission. So it's probably about time I go somewhere else. But I really don't want to leave the ward or my companions. However, I'll go where ever the Lord needs me.

Thanks for all of your love and support!

Love you all!
Hermana Parkin

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