Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Big Changes

This week has been crazy! We found so many potential investigators and two of them, Elizabeth and Jnett, have met with missionaries before and use to come to church often. Jnett used to go in the D.R. like 12 years ago but she still remembers some of the hymns and stuff. She's so great!! Elizabeth is friends with a member from our ward and also used to go to church in Arizona. She is amazing. She came to church on Sunday and was so excited about everything. She's been reading the Book of Mormon and marking up things she has questions about. We decided to baptize her this Saturday. I know that sound ridiculous but it was a spiritual prompting. So we asked her to be baptized and she started crying. She was SO excited and she said that she felt a really warm feeling inside her so we talked about how that's the Holy Ghost. Because she had only been to church once in our ward, we had to have the bishop approve the baptism. He had a little interview with her and found out that she has been having sexual relations with her boyfriend. We haven't taught her the law of chastity yet so that was news to us. So therefore, no baptism on Saturday. However, I still think it was really good that we asked her because now she has a really huge desire to get baptized and she knows what the spirit feels like so I think that will help her start following the commandments.

We live with two sisters that serve in the Kingsbridge English ward, Sister Lotulelei and Sister Beatty. Sister Beatty has been really sick. She got her appendix out a week and a half ago but she was still throwing up a lot and stuff. The doctors couldn't figure out what the problems was and the sisters had been unable to work in their area for about 10 days because when they weren't at the hospital, they were staying at the mission home. President Morgan decided that it would be best to send her home and get things figured out and then have her come back when she was better. I got a phone call from one of the assistants on Tuesday night and they let me know that I was getting emergency transferred to serve the rest of this transfer in the English ward with Sister Lotulelei. I was pretty shocked and sad that I had to leave Sister Barker and Sister Skinner and also that I had to leave the Concourse ward without any warning after I had served there for 6 months. But Sister Lotulelei have lived together since I got here, minus the cycle Sister Barker and I lived alone, so we're already friends and she's a great missionary. I'm excited to be working with her. The few people that I have met in the ward are really welcoming and I already know my new district because I'm staying in the same zone. Plus the move was really easy because I just had to change bedrooms. It feels like I'm kind of on vacation though. All of the sudden, I understand every single word of what people are saying. It's weird. President Morgan promised me that I would go back to the Spanish program next transfer so I'll only be serving here for about 4 weeks and then we'll see what other changes lie ahead. I still have a lot of opportunities to use my Spanish though, which is good. We knocked a few doors yesterday and about half of them were Spanish. So even though I'm really sad that I finally got kicked out of Concourse and I have to leave two companions that became my best friends, I'm excited for the change and I know that Sister Lotulelei and I will be just as good of friends and we'll be able to learn a lot from each other and do a lot of good work.

Hope you all are well!
Hermana Parkin (I refuse to get an English name tag....)

Hermana Barker, Hermana Skinner and Hermana Parkin

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