Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Bronx Zoo

Hey all! I don't really have anything too cool to share this week. Things are going really well and we're working really hard. I love the ward SO much. They're almost as great as my last ward (they're just a little lower because I don't think anyone will ever be able to beat the first ward I served in.) We're working mostly with less actives because apparently everyone in the Bronx is a less active member. We don't have a ton of investigators right now but we have lots of potential investigators so hopefully we'll be able to find a few people that are really interested in coming closer to Christ.

Easter was so great! Sacrament meeting was so spiritual and awesome and there were more people than I've ever seen at church the whole time I've been out here. It was the best. I hope all of you had a great Easter as well!

Today our whole zone is going to the Bronx Zoo. Zoo's aren't really my favorite place ever but it's going to be cool because we're going to be with other cool missionaries. Plus apparently it's a pretty famous zoo (from what I've heard but what do I know really?) so maybe we'll see some exotic animals or something.

We're getting ready for General Conference this weekend. I'm so excited! We've been talking with our members about how to prepare for this weekend and we're trying to prepare and I think it will make it an even better experience with a little spiritual and physical preparation. Hopefully this time around there are no problems with the broadcast so that we can actually watch all of it.

Have a great week and an awesome General Conference weekend!

Hermana Parkin

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