Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It seems as though we'll be having a
rainy Thanksgiving here in the Bronx. I forgot how cold it gets here,
especially when we're walking around everywhere. But it's whatever,
it's worth it. For our celebration tomorrow, a family in the ward
invited us over for dinner and that's pretty much our plans. We can't
really do much as far as proselyting goes because people would hate us
if we interrupted their family gathering. But Thursdays are our weekly
planning days anyways so we're usually at home during the afternoon to
plan out the coming week.

You may have seen the pictures on Facebook but we had a really awesome
street contacting activity yesterday. I was lying in bed one night
thinking about something President Morgan had said to us. He was
talking about how tracting was effective back when he was a missionary
because people were really open to door to door salesman. But now the
times have changed so we have to start thinking outside of the box. So I
was trying to think outside the box and I thought "Hey Thanksgiving is
coming up so we should ask people what they're grateful for. But that
would be lame if we just asked them and then didn't do anything cool.
We should make a turkey. And then everyone can write what they're
grateful for on the feathers!" And then I got really excited. And then
I had to share my excitement with my companion and my roommates and
they all laughed at me and thought I was kind of crazy. But then they
slept on it and must of had really good dreams about how everyone
would love the turkey because when they woke up in the morning and
decided that we should do it. So we did! And it was awesome!! We got
to talk to a lot of people and it was an easy way to start talking to
them about the gospel. Plus it was cool to see what people are
grateful for. One person was grateful that they could still be
walking. Another was grateful that he wasn't homeless. Lots of people
said they were grateful for their family and for God, which made me
happy to know that so many people recognize how important those two

things are.

We also had a really super awesome FHE with a less active family, the
Reyes family, on Monday. They had planned on inviting another family
too so right after we got there, Rosa, the mom of the non-member
family showed up. We had a really great lesson about prayer and then
Rosa told us afterwards that she would like to meet with us again and
that she would like to come to church on Sunday. Rose left before we
did so we asked Hna. Reyes a little more about her. She said that she
had forgotten to invite Rosa and her family and that she just happened
to show up at the same time we were there. Which means that God just
really wanted us to meet Rosa or something. It was a miracle and I'm
super grateful!!

We also had a ward Thanksgiving activity last Friday and we finally
had normal church so we've been meeting a lot more of the members.
They are all super nice and I'm excited to be serving in their ward.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to enjoy time
with your family.

Hermana Parkin

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