Transfer calls are in and this sister missionary is super excited! Why? Because I'm going back to the city!!!! And not only back to the city, but back to the Bronx!! I'm going to the Olmstead ward, which is the east side of the Bronx so we meet in a different building and stuff than my old ward. But I'm still excited. I've been released as a Sister Training Leader and I'm re-opening up an area over there. They used to have two sister areas in that ward and they combined it into one like 6 months ago or something and now my companion and I will be opening the second one back up. So that means whitewashing again. My new companion is Sister Tirado. She's Mexican but I'm pretty sure she grew up in the states. I don't really know much about her and I've never met her but I've heard she's cool. But this means I'll probably be ending my mission in the Bronx, which also means I'll have spent more than half of my mission there! So crazy!

I am also sad to be leaving Danbury though so as always transfers are bittersweet. There were lots of tears on Sunday when Orquidia and Pamela found out that I was leaving. I'm going to miss them and lots of other people so much! Plus, I had a pretty amazing companion and once again, I don't get to spend very much time with her. Does this mean I'm one of those missionaries that no one can stand so they just have to keep sticking me with new people? Because it's pretty rare that I ever stay with one companion for more than 6 weeks...I hope it's the opposite and that God just thinks I can go be companions with whoever and it won't matter because we'll just get along and be friends. haha

It's officially FREEZING here. It kind of snowed yesterday but didn't stick. And it's just super cold and it makes me wonder why I thought it would be fun to end my mission back in the city without a car that has a heater. No actually I think that the Lord knew that I would much rather walk around the city in the freezing cold than the super humid, gross summer. So I'm counting this as a blessing.

We get iPads tomorrow. TOMORROW! It's so weird to think about I don't even know what else to say.

Well hopefully next week will be full of more stories from the crazies of the Bronx. I'm so excited to go back. I think everyone in the mission thinks I'm psycho that I love it there so much but people there are just awesome and there's always some crazy adventure happening. It's going to be the best!

Have a great week! Love you all!
Hermana Parkin