Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Came a Little Early

Well Halloween came a bit early for us here in Danbury. We got a referral from a member to work with one of her friends who has evil spirits haunting her. But for real. Not for fake like she's crazy. She played with a weegee board (I have no clue how to even guess to spell that one...) when she was younger and then she got possessed and they she got an exorcism and now she's here still being haunted by Satanous things. She's afraid to go into churches (which makes sense because Satan isn't really a fan of God) but she wants help to get away from all of this stuff. That's where we come in. Except that we're kind of scardy cat girls and told the elders they needed to be there because they have the priesthood. The first meeting was good and she does really want help. But I think the elders are going to take over on that situation because we don't even know what to do with stuff like that and we're secretly a little afraid of anything creepy and weird happening while we're there.

I think President Morgan has forgotten that there are 249 other missionaries in the mission besides me and a lot of them would be great speakers at zone conference. But instead he has asked me, yet again, to give a talk at our zone conference this Friday. I am grateful for the opportunity. However, I feel weird that I get the opportunity again while so many other people probably will never have that opportunity...

We are working with the coolest less active ever. I think I talked about her already - Menoli. She's awesome and wants to come back to church so badly. Plus the elders are working with her boyfriend to teach him about the gospel and he's super awesome too. They make time every day to read the scriptures together and they are participating in some of the ward activities. It's so awesome! I think I'm destined just to work with less actives for the rest of my mission because I love them and feel like I'm able to help them more than I can usually help my investigators. Menoli reminds me a lot of Leydi from New Rochelle. They're both Peruvian and they both have huge desire to have Christ back in their life. It's the best.

Also, I found out that one of the investigators that Sister Brog and I found and started teaching, Manuel, got baptized on Saturday! I'm so happy for him. There were so many miracles during the time we were working with him. I know that he will stay really strong in the church.

I hope you all have a great week and that you don't suffer from too much coldness!

Love you!
Hermana Parkin

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