Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pasta Salad Made Me Feel Better

This weeks excitement level was a little low but here are a few stories for you.

On Sunday we were looking up some less active people and we were walking down this street that we've walked down before when all of the sudden this car drives past and this kid yells out the widow "HI ELDERS!" This is the first time in all of my mission someone has yelled at me from a car because unlike Utah missionaries, no one knows who we are. So basically we're really excited, especially since they called us elders because we thought maybe they were investigators of the English missionaries. Then 3 minutes later another car drives by and honk and waves. So now we're feeling like we're the coolest ever. And then after another couple minutes another car drives past and honks and says something about sisters being cool. And we were feeling really cool. I mean it's probably not a coincidence that three cars of members drove past us. They were probably all headed to the same place. But it was still the best thing ever.

On Monday we ate dinner with a member and she made chicken noodle soup and I love chicken noodle soup and haven't had that my entire mission because that's not really a spanishy thing to make so I was super excited! We start eating and one of the elders is like "Uh...this is chicken heart." Yep. The chicken in my delicious soup was chicken heart. You know the gross muscle thing that beats inside of a chicken? I was supposed to eat that! Well I tried and at first it's not to bad until it starts to dissolve into mush in your mouth and then I almost threw up. Luckily I have really nice elders serving with me that were willing to eat the rest of my chicken heart when our member had gone to the other room. So now I can add chicken heart to my list of weird things I've eaten and I can also know for certain that I never want to eat it again.

I hope all of you dad's have a great fathers day!! And I hope everyone else tells their dad's how great they are. I know my dad is the greatest!!!

Hermana Parkin

After Hermana Parkin wrote this email, she emailed me this. There was excitement after all

So I got in a car accident on Saturday. No one died or is even hurt and it wasn't super bad but I feel super bad about it. I've been trying to be super careful and so I feel kind of dumb and really bad that it's affecting so many people. But basically what happened was that I was trying to change lanes because I was stuck behind a line of cars turning left and I didn't want to turn left. I checked all of my mirrors and blind spots and waited until there were no cars and even Hermana Brog looked and didn't see anyone. So I start to change lane and I'm not even very far into the right lane when all of the sudden there's another car and it runs right into the right front corner of our car and then doesn't stop so the whole side of his car skids down ours. He was super nice though and New York doesn't give tickets for things like this I guess so that was definitely in my favor. But now I'm suspended from driving for a month (which also doesn't make sense because I think if you get in an accident you're supposed to be suspended for the rest of your mission. But apparently they think I'm a good enough driving to only be suspended for a month.) and so Hna Brog has to drive and she's terrified, plus I cost the church a ton of money and all of the poor peoples tithing money has to fix our stupid car and the office has to do a bunch of paperwork and I just feel bad that everyone has to suffer for my mistake and I can't do anything to fix it. But then that night I went home and made pasta salad so that made me feel a little better. haha Anyways, that's the exciting news of the week.

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