Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Investigators and Less Active


For starters, funny story! Yesterday we were in a lesson with our investigator Telma and the member we had brought with us had to bring her cute little 5-year-old son too. So we're sitting there and all is going well and her son falls asleep on her lap and after like 20 minutes she starts going "No! No! Wake up!" and trying to wake up her son. So we're like huh whats going on. And then when he wakes up and stands up, we see that he has wet his pants all over his moms lap. So we're like...oh. What do we do? Needless to say, the lesson ended there and we took her home. It wasn't a huge deal because obviously it was an accident and mostly it was kind of funny because Sister Brog and I are pretty sure that will the the first and last time we'll ever have anyone pee their pants in the middle of a lesson.

Sunday was the coolest. Maribel came to church (which at this point she's basically a regular and comes every week. We just still can't get her moved into another apartment without her boyfriend thus, no baptism) but we also had 5 of the less active members we've been working with come to sacrament meeting. It was so cool!!! And they all said that they really enjoyed church so we're really excited to keep helping them come back. Leydi  is doing especially awesome and loves coming to church. Even her little 6-year-old daughter, who was with her dad this past Sunday, was sad that her mom went to church without her. They're the cutest! We're struggling to get our investigators to come to church though. They all tell us that they will be there and they all have cars or can walk to the church building but then no one ever actually comes so we're trying to help them have the desire to attend sacrament meeting.

It's crazy how much the Lord has blessed us in this area. We are working with more investigators and more less actives than I've ever worked with my whole mission and we just opened this area. There is so much work to do and we are working with the coolest people! As much as I miss working in the city, I just love the people here and I hope that I can stay for one more transfer so that I can keep seeing everyone progress.

Fernando's girlfriend/mom of his kids is official back from Peru. It's making things a little weird because she seems to think (for who even know what reasons) that we've been coming over because we're interested in Fernando; however that is completely false seeing as how Fernando could probably be my dad. So unfortunately we haven't been able to talk to Fernando as much as normal and it's making us a little nervous that he's smoking again. Hopefully we can get everything sorted out and teach the whole family.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Hermana Parkin

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