Friday, February 8, 2013

Is The Whole World on Crack?

Hey all!

So training has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I've learned so much and I love Sister Barker to death. She is an amazing missionary and we have a lot of fun together. Plus we're both English majors so that makes life even better because she understands all my weird nerdyness. I'm excited to keep working with her and hope that we'll be together for all two transfers of her training, even though I've been in the Bronx for forever.

We have a potential investigator that we're really excited to work with. We were knocking this building because we were early for an appointment with a less active member. So this guys is standing in the hallway and he keeps yelling down the stairs "Jay! Jay! Where are you, man. Man, I'm tired. Where are you? Jay!" So we're by the elevator and I look at Sister Barker and I'm like "Sister, I don't really want to talk to that guy" and she goes "Good, me neither." So we push the elevator button and wait but it takes to long and then we hear, in Spanish, "Are you ladies church people?" And it's the guy. So we have to talk to him now. But then it went really well and he had a lot of faith and was really accepting of everything we talk about. So we're pretty stinking excited to go back and work with him. The downside? He might have a lot of drug problems. I mean it's pretty likely that he has a lot of drug problems. But he has a family so you would think that would lesson his chances of drug problems. But the fact that the entire time we talked to him, he would jump around from subject to subject and his eyes would randomly get droopy and some other weird body movements indicates drug use. I mean because I know so much about drug use and all, right? But the point it, we learned a lesson that day. Talk to the random creepers even if you're scared of them beating you up because maybe they could be your next baptism. =]

We also have a new investigator that we're super excited about. Her name is Ivan and she's a Catholic. Like hard core. She goes to church every Sunday and everything. But she met the elders and asked to have us come over. So we did and is was a great lesson. When we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, she said that she would. And then when we asked if she would come to church with us, she said yes. She's really open and it's great because usually getting people to church is the hardest part. But we're going to go pick her up on Sunday and it's going to be great!

We had a really cool conference on Wednesday, which is why p-day got changed. Two brethren from the Missionary Headquarters came and taught only our zone and one other zone this sweet lesson about how to be better teachers. They are testing out this lesson to teach to all the other missionaries around the world. So our mission and two missions in Utah we're selected to try out this lesson. It's so cool! They taught us how to use the pamphlets in our teaching, which not only makes our lives easier but it also invites the spirit a lot. We're really excited to start using this way of teaching and I think it will help new missionaries a lot too because if they don't know the language very well they can read stuff from the pamphlets. 

That's about the most exciting news from this week. Love you guys all and hope you have a loving Valentines Day!
Hermana Parkin

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