Thursday, February 14, 2013

They Think He Broke Up With Me

Hello all!!

This week had been pretty good. Sister Barker and I are working hard. She is seriously so great. I love her tons and tons.

The Zone Leaders have been taking each companionship out for lunch to get to know everyone better and find out how they're are doing in missionary life. So Sister Barker and I are thinking we're gonna be hanging out at Subway for an hour chatting and then getting back to work. But then what happened was that they took us to Little Italy in the Bronx and to this nice Italian restaurant. Then because it was kind of pricey, we shared food. But because of the food that we wanted it ended up that I shared with one of the elders and Sister Barker shared with the other one. So at this point Sister Barker and I are feeling like if we were in normal life this would be a date. But we're in missionary life and we have no feelings towards people of the opposite sex and so, we're just having a missionary lunch. So then we start talking about how life is going and Sister Barker and I have kind of been struggling a little bit to feel successful. So they start talking to us about how we can not feel like poop and stuff. And being typical Sister Parkin, I start crying and then I can't stop. So now to everyone else in the restaurant, we look like we're on a date and I just got broken up with. It was pretty great. Good thing it really wasn't a date nor will it ever be considered anything like a date. Nor would I even participate in such an activity as a missionary. But I'm just putting myself in the shoes of the other people in the restaurant and I'm sure they were making some incorrect assumptions. However, I am really grateful for the spiritual uplift the Zone Leaders were able to give us. We've been feeling significantly better about the work we've been doing since then.

We had a fabulous meeting with one of the less active we've been working with. I think I mentioned them in the past, Mario and Carmen. Mario is the super of his building and when we called he said he would be home but his wife wouldn't. But then when we got there, someone in the building needed his help so he was working and his wife was home. So we talked to her and we had such a spiritual moment. We just shared a simple scripture (Ether 12: 33-34) and it must have hit her pretty hard because she started telling us about because she's really sick with a bunch of different problems, she's been thinking about living with God again. She said she really wants to return to the temple and renew her covenants with God. So then she said that she would be coming to church on Sunday. It was so cool and we're really excited because they haven't been to church in like 7 years.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hermana Parkin

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