Hello All!

So I just found out today how much damage Hurricane Sandy did. Because it basically did nothing to us here in the Bronx, I just assumed it really wasn't that bad anywhere. And I had no way of knowing for sure. So at transfer meeting today, President Morgan told us how bad things are in the South mission. I was so sad for all those people. There are entire neighbors that have been destroyed. So far there isn't an organization helping with all the clean up and they don't want anyone going out to help until there is more organization and people to direct what needs to be done. So the missionaries in the city areas (aka me) should be heading down to the South mission as some point in the near future to start helping out with everything.

As far as other news goes, we have a baptism!! Tianabelle is going to get baptized on December 8! We were hoping to do it a little bit earlier because she will definitely be ready earlier than that but there are some legitimate scheduling conflicts so we're happy with that date and we're excited to keep working towards then. She is just so awesome and she is going to be an amazing member.

One of the counselor's in the bishopric has a son that just moved back into our ward. I was talking to him and his family and found out that he serving in the Oakland mission. And even cooler, he served in Concord 1st ward and the Spanish branch. This was clear back in 2001 but he was totally in the Denkinger building all the time and he was living in apartments over by the church building across from Clayton Valley. It was way cool to make that connection!

I've been debating whether or not I should share this story, but I feel like it describes my typical life so well, so I just have to. Yesterday, I really had to go to the bathroom. So we stopped at the McDonald's bathroom but it was kind of a long process because I had my big jacket on and tights and a slip and it just took forever. So while I'm in there, I think I here a yell, but the music is really loud so I'm not really sure if I hear anything. I go about my business and think maybe there's another yell. So I think "Huh, maybe there's a food fight." (I know. The conclusion that come to my mind are crazy). And then I think "Huh, I really hope Sister Pipes is okay. But I'm sure she is." So I finish and walk out and there's a big group of people huddled on one side of the building. I still think maybe there was a food fight. Then I see Sister Pipes and she rushes over to me and tells me that this drunk guy was smoking in the building and they tried to kick him out but he wouldn't leave so this other man pulled a knife on the drunk guy and then drunk guy pulled out a razor and then they ran out of the building. It was crazy. Except that I don't actually know because I was oblivious in the bathroom the whole time. haha However, I am very grateful that we were safe while that crazyness was going on.

That's about it for this week. Love you all!!!

Hermana Parkin