Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Attacks and Accidents!


So I've decided that it's time I share some random thoughts I've been having about the Bronx and also some random stories. But first, the missionary work is still excellent and we are always working hard. Tianabelle and Bethany are still working towards their baptisms on Dec 8th, but we've considered pushing them a week or so later into December for a few different reasons. That's not totally confirmed yet though and we're still working towards and hoping for the 8th.

Ok so first. I ate chincharon. Do you know what that is? Pig skin. Yep, you read that right. Pig SKIN. Sounds disgusting, huh? Well, it pretty much is. Actually, ok so it's basically like eating a steak except for that the entire steak is actually fat so it's kind of a weird fatty texture. But the taste really wasn't bad. It was mostly the knowledge that I was eating pig skin that was grossing me out the most.

Second. I've started to sleep talk in Spanish, according to one of our roommates. How cool is that?!?!! I'm good enough at Spanish that I can talk to people when I'm asleep. I was pretty excited about that news.

Third. I found the most beautiful dog in all of planet earth while we were tracking the other day. It was an all white Siberian Huskey and I'm in love and want to go steal it. Too bad the owner wasn't super interested in our message. (I told you these thoughts were random)

Fourth. Two of my biggest life struggles living here in the Bronx are a) I'm afraid to get my hair cut because no one in the Bronx has white people hair so I don't know if they'll know how to cut white people hair. So I think I'll just never get my hair cut...and b) there are all these stupid bridge things we have to walk over all the time and they go right across the freeway and their pretty tall and I'm terrified of heights sooooo I basically want to die every time we walk across them. Lucky I have a great companion who just lets me be weird each time we walk on one.

Fifth. Last p-day on our way home, I was driving a Bronx cart, which I have no idea what that is called outside of the Bronx but it's one of those metal cart things you see people have in cities so that they have somewhere to put all their groceries so they don't have to carry everything home from the store. Hopefully you're catching onto what I'm talking about. So I'm driving it home and it's filled with two huge, heavy boxes of copies of the Book of Mormon that we ordered. But our Bronx cart is possessed by the devil or something and gets stuck all the time. One of those times it got stuck, the boxes got shoved forward and I basically ended up falling over the cart and everything in the cart came flying out, including a delicious half a pan of brownies. It was pretty funny until the next day when both of my legs had (and still have a week later) gross purple bruises on them. No fun.

Sixth. I was basically attacked on Monday. Sister Pipes and I usually go visit this pretty awesome recent convert Monday afternoons. So we're on the way to his house and this guy is hard core looking at our tags. But he looks kind of creepy so I don't want to talk to him and Sister Pipes in on the phone confirming an appointment we had later in the day. So when he stops right in front of me, I have no other option but to talk to him. He says something along the lines of "You're not an Elder." I think, "Oh, he knows something about the church." So I start talking to him about the church and asking him how he knows about us and all that jazz. He doesn't speak Spanish and we didn't have anything in English with us so I just gave him our card with our number. But I hadn't written our names on the card so he gave it back and asked me to write our names so I write "Sister Parkin and Sister Pipes," hand him the card back and shake his hand. But as we're shaking hands, he pulls me into him to give me a hug so I try to back away and just give him a little pat at which point he tries to kiss me and so I hurry and turn my head and he kisses me on the cheek and I push him away and grab Sister Pipes and run off. It was terrible!!!! I thought I was going to die from a disease or something! What sort of crazy person thinks it's okay to kiss random strangers?!?

Ok well that's all my thoughts for this week. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

Love you all!
Hermana Parkin

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  1. Hey, do you fell a disturbance in the force? Wednesday night? I'm at JFK.... Steven S