Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane...No Big Deal

Hey Mom!

So I'm probably not going to send a group email this week. The libraries are all closed so everyone has to use the computers at the church so we don't have a lot of time. I was really hoping to send you some pictures but I'll just have to do it next week. Also, if there are parts of this you want to put on my blog, that's cool.

As far as the hurricane, things were actually just fine. We were just really bored mostly. Sunday nothing happened. Monday there was a little bit of wind in the morning and by the early afternoon, it was crazy windy. There wasn't very much rain though. I think the Bronx got the best of the hurricane because we didn't seem to have as many problems as other people. We didn't have any power outages or anything. We just didn't want to be at home anymore because as a missionary, there's not a lot to do sitting at home all day. Plus, because we live way far from our area, when the all clear went out, public transportation was still down so we still couldn't leave our apartment. It was great today when we could finally leave the house. I did make cake pops and they were delicious and I wrote a bunch of letters and we bonded as an apartment and that's about all we did. haha

I do really like my companion and my roommates. They are all really fun and we all get along really well. A normal day for me goes like this: "exercise" from 6:30-7, get ready from 7-8, personal study from 8-9, companionship study from 9-10, 10-11 training (for the first 12 weeks), 11-12 spanish study and then from 12:30-8:30 we have appointments or go tracting. It takes us a half an hour to get from our apartment to our area so we have to be done 30 minutes early to make it home by 9. We usually have a lot more appointments at night because more people are at home but we do have some investigators that are home in the afternoon, which is nice. 

I'm glad President Morgan kept you guys updated on the storm so that you knew I wasn't dead or anything.

Also, great news! We have a baptismal date! Tianabelle is going to get baptized on Nov 10. We still need to teach the commandments to her though and with the hurricane, it kind of put us behind. So hopefully we can still get her ready for that date. She is definitely ready, she just has to know the commandments before she can have the baptismal interview. But we're really excited because even if she isn't ready for the 10th, it will definitely be soon. yay!

There so many other things I want to tell you but the elders are standing here waiting for me to finish. I'll just have to make next weeks email super long.

Love ya tons!!!!

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