Wednesday, December 5, 2012

She's Getting Baptized!!

Hey there!
Sooo it seems that I've forgotten to mention that we have continued to help out with the Hurricane Sandy relief. We have had the opportunity to go down every weekend. It's been a really great blessing, especially since it looks like the work will never be over. As far as we know, they are going to continue to let us go down as long as the stake has set something up. Sister Pipes and I have decided not to go this Saturday though because....
....Tianabelle is getting baptized!! Yay!! I mean that's assuming that the interview tonight goes well and there are no secret skeletons hidden in her closet that we've never heard about. But I'm 99.9% that everything is good to go and we're really excited. Tianabelle is really excited and lots of people in the ward are excited for her and it's just going to be so great! We have decided to hold off on Bethany's baptism because of some sort of outside circumstances. But she is also definitely going to get baptized soon, we're just not completely sure how soon yet.
Yesterday, we had the opportunity to come down to the chapel above the Manhattan temple and hear from President Morgan, Sister Morgan and Elder Paul V. Johnson of the first quorem of the 70. It was a really good conference and there were a lot of messages that I needed to hear so I am really grateful to have had that oppotunity. Elder Johnson is so awesome. You should look up some of his talks online and read them because he's great and you'll learn a lot. The only stinky part was that we basically sat in the hot chapel from 10-3 (minus an hour lunch break in the cultural hall) so it made for a kind of long day.
During the conference, President Morgan told us that by April, the mission will have increased the number of missionaries (counting all the ones leaving and coming in) by 46. So instead of 150ish, we'll have 200ish!  And the March transfer is going to have 40 missionaries coming in, which is insane! My transfer had 15 and that was considered pretty big. Also Elder Johnson said that the number of girls working on their papers/getting their calls right now is the same amount of sisters who are currently serving. So around the whole world the number of sister missionaries is going to double! That's so cool!!!
Those are basically the most exciting things going on right now. The work is still going really well and we're working with some really awesome investigators. I can't believe I already have my first baptism! Sorry to those of you who are still waiting for a letter back from me. There's not a lot of time for letter writing, especially when you live in a huge city with tons of things you can do each p-day....But know that I'll be thinking about how I should be writing you back as I'm standing in front of the Christmas Tree in Rockafeller this afternoon. =] Love you all!!!

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