Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Update...Accounted for and Safe

The following is the email we received from President Morgan this morning.

Dear Parents and Loved Ones,

After a long stormy night we are in one piece. Every missionary has reported in. Some have been without power during the early morning hours  - all are warm and dry. We will ask the missionaries to again stay in their apartments today while major clean up work is performed by cities and counties. As work groups are formed in communities we will join in the secondary clean up work.

I apologize for not communicating earlier. The mission home has been without power since 8:30 last night with two large trees down on power lines blocking our ability to leave. As soon as one of the trees was cut in half and moved, I was able to get out and find a place with power. 

At this time the sun is showing through the clouds and the winds and rain have calmed. There is a lot of debris on the roads and in yards .

Again - All the missionaries are accounted for and safe. They have sufficient food and water and will be able to resume activities by tomorrow which will include assisting in many clean up projects. If you have any questions, please call us or send emails. I will respond based on our power availability.

Tom Morgan

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