Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

The following was sent to our family this morning from President Morgan. Many of you have asked about Hermana Parkin and how the hurricane is effecting her area and her safety. This is just a small part of the email we received. But it will give you a sense of what the mission has done to prepare the missionaries for the hurricane. It is also a relief to know the missionaries are safe.

From President Morgan....
We have asked our missionaries to hold tight in their apartments from 6:00 pm Sunday evening until the storm passes and we have issued an "all clear" announcement.

On Saturday October the 27th all missionaries were instructed to prepare for the storm by acquiring three days worth of food supplies - in addition to what they already had on hand, refresh all water storage in accordance with mission water storage policy, test flashlights and assure a prudent supply of fresh batteries, having some cash on hand incase ATMs are down due to power outages and keeping cell phones fully charged while power is available. All companionships reported back as ready and compliant with instructions. We will carry out a “call report” protocol during the event to assess the safety and condition of each of our missionaries. Depending on internet availability, we will periodically update you as to the current status of the mission. We feel very prepared and our missionaries are very obedient. Please continue to pray for safety and welfare of everyone in the storm affected area.

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