Thursday, May 31, 2012

do you know whose air your breathing?

The other night my family and I watched this movie called I Am. It's a documentary by Tom Shadyac about the changes he made in his life after he got in a bike accident. It is a super interesting movie and really changes your world view. I highly suggest you go watch it.

But anyways, while watching this movie, I learned about this cool element call argon. Argon is some weird element in the air and when we breath, it doesn't stay in our body. Instead it is expelled back into the air. So there is all this argon floating around the world. Argon also apparently doesn't ever die (or whatever elements do). Which means the same argon that you are currently breathing as you sit on your couch reading this blog post is also the same argon that George Washington breathed in 1747. And the same argon that Henry VIII breathed in 1503. And even the same argon that Jesus breathed. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?! More awesome than I can even explain.

It just amazes me how interconnected the world is. I feel like I already have so many weird and crazy connections with people and I feel like the world only gets smaller as more connections are made. And now even the stinking air connects us, not just to those currently on the Earth but also every single person who has ever lived. Blows my mind a little bit.

P.S. Obviously I am not a smarty pants in the science world. Forgive my simple minded explanation of argon and just love that fact that we're breathing zillion year old air that other really cool people have also breathed.

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