Wednesday, August 21, 2013

See Ya Later New York!

Well I am here in Danbury, CT! I've been transferred from New Rochelle up here to the Danbury Spanish branch. All I've heard are amazing things about the branch so I'm excited to be here. I'll be serving with Sister Wankier, who I don't really know but who seems awesome so I think it will be a great transfer. I will be serving as a solo Sister Training Leader though so that will be really different.

New Rochelle was so sad to leave. We met with Fernando on Monday and he told us that he wants to get baptized on September 15! I am literally SO stinking excited for him! He has been taught for officially one year and one day today. It's about time he decides to get baptized. He told me that he is going to make sure that I can come back to New Rochelle to be there for the baptism so we'll see if that actually happens...

Last Wednesday we went and did baptisms in the temple with Leydi. Lorena, one of the ward members came with us. It was such a cool experience. Leydi loved it and she said she felt like her aunt had accepted the baptism and confirmation. She's so cute. I miss her so much already! She is going to bare her testimony on Sunday in Sacrament meeting and she is super nervous but I know she'll do an awesome job. She has a super powerful testimony and she'll invite the spirit strongly as she bares it.

I guess that's really all I have to share this week. I'll probably have lots more about Danbury to share next week but I haven't even seen my apartment yet so I pretty much know nothing except for how awesome everyone else thinks it is.

Have a fabulous week!
Hermana Parkin
This one's for Grandma Staheli! Hermana Parkin folding fabric for a memeber.

Temple Baptisms

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