Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Danbury is Awesome!


So the news is that Danbury is awesome! I don't know why every time I get transferred, I think I'm being doomed to some terrible place. Because I always love it. I'm pretty sure everyone that lives in Danbury speaks either Spanish or Portuguese, which is awesome. Plus the members are just as cute and all the other members I've served with. And the missionaries that I get to serve around are fantastic and my companion is the best in the land. And we have the coolest investigators even though some of them are really hard to teach (but what's new really with that?) and life is just really awesome. I miss the people in New Rochelle, but I love Danbury just as much as any other place I've served. I hope that I can just finish out my mission here instead of get transferred somewhere else for the last two seconds of my mission.

To elaborate a bit on how my companion is the best in the land, Sister Wankier is basically just an amazing missionary. We get along SO well and we like the same things (especially chocolate chip cookies so that might be a serious problem) and we both want to work hard and we both have the same ideas on how to do missionary work. And we basically think the same too because there are multiple times each day in the lessons where we turn to the other one and say "That's exactly what I was going to say!" Also she wants to speak Spanish with me all day long and that is also the greatest because I always want to do that but don't always have companions that are super motivated to do that. Moral of this story? I LOVE her and life is amazing.

Orquidia and Chelsea, who are two of our baptismal dates are probably some of the most solid investigators ever. Orquidia's sister was baptized a year ago and is super strong in the church and Orquidia has been investigating for about a year. They are finally ready and actually want to get baptized and they are so committed. I mean they basically know everything already but when they learn something new, they are right on board with it because they already have a really solid testimony. Orquidia's son Hansel is also getting baptized and the elders are teaching him. They will all be getting baptized on the 8th of September and this is going to be the first family I've ever seen baptized (Orquidia is divorced) so it's going to be so cool!

Our other investigator that has a baptismal date is Destrie. He's Hawaiian and doesn't speak Spanish...But his girlfriend (who also happens to be best friends with Isamar, who is the daughter of Ingrid, who is Orquidia's sister. So basically everyone we teach is somehow connected to the same family.) was recently baptized into the Spanish Branch and Destrie doesn't want to go to the English ward. He's been and he likes the branch better and says he wants to get baptized in the branch and stay in the branch. It's kind of a weird situation and we don't really know what to do but to do what he wants. He's an awesome investigator too and really has a desire to know for himself that everything we teach is true.

That's some of the basics of life here in Danbury. It's great and I love it and I'm excited to be here!

Hope you're all having a fun first week of school and whatnot!
Hermana Parkin

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