Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Related to My Companion!

I got attacked by mosquito's! Literally attacked! I got like 25 mosquito bits in one night. Not fun. I've been taking allergy medicine to help them go away faster.

Fernando is being crazy. He told us the other day that he knows the church is true, he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and he wants to get baptized. But he's waiting for a "special day" to get baptized. We don't know what that means but we've decided that we're just going to let him decide to do it whenever.

Bishop asked me to give a talk this past Sunday because he somehow found out that I was probably leaving the ward. I don't know how I've gotten stuck talking twice in this ward when one of the elders has been here for two cycles longer than me and has never given a talk. But it's okay because then I could tell the ward that they stink at loving people and being friends to people and that all of the less actives and investigators feel like they don't have any friends. I mean I said it way nicer than that and people said I did a good job so hopefully the message got across to them that if they want to show God that they love Him, they need to show His children love too. I know it's hard because I'm pretty sure I didn't even know when there were investigators at church in our ward but we can all try a little harder. I bore my testimony at the end and told them that I might be leaving in a week. That didn't make Fernando or Leydi very happy. Both of them told me that I wasn't allowed to leave and that I had to stay there. haha I'm going to be sad to leave them if I do get transfer but I think it will be good. As much as the ward needs to fellowship them, they need to stop relying on me and go make friends too.

Veronica is doing awesome. She keeps reading the Book of Mormon and she asked us to start teaching her boyfriend because he doesn't really know anything about God. That will be great because they're going to need to get married if they want to get baptized at some point. So if he gets converted to the gospel too that will be way better.

Things are going really well. We're mostly just really excited to go and do baptisms today with Leydi. We're going down with another member and with Sister Brog. Plus Leydi had a dream that her aunt wanted to be baptized and was going to accept baptism and so we were able to do some of her family history work and find her aunt so she can baptize her and Leydi is so excited about it. Sister Richey and I also found some family names to take with us and in the process discovered that we share the same great-great-great-great grandpa on Grandpa Staheli's side. His name is David Sabin. We thought that was pretty cool!

Hermana Parkin

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