Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Learned the Hakka!

So sadly, Sister Alvarez and I still aren't working with a whole lot of investigators. At least not any that are progressing. But we have a few potentials that we are excited about and we're working with a TON of less actives. Which is actually probably better for this ward anyways. They really don't need a lot of new members. They just need the members they already have to come back to church. So we're keeping really busy and it's been really great work. This one less active couple is AMAZING. They have really strong testimonies and the husband was a bishop for 5 years. But there was a disagreement between him and the stake president like 7 years ago or something and he decided that he would take a break from church and come back when there was a new stake president. It's sad that disagreements like that push so many people away from the church. I really think we'll be able to help them come back to church. Some of the other less actives we're working with are a bit harder. There are a lot of people that have to work on Sundays so that's a huge obstacle to getting people to come back to church. But we're going to keep working hard to help them out.

It's already almost the end of another transfer! Sister Alvarez heads home next Wednesday, which I'm really sad about, and then I'll get a new companion. I also hit my 6 month mark this Friday. What the heck?!?!? How did 6 months already go by??

It is literally freezing out here. I've heard it's colder in Utah so I shouldn't complain. But I hate it! Why can't everywhere have weather like California where all you need to wear is a jacket. No gloves or hats or scarves required. I do manage to stay pretty warm though. I probably look crazy with the amount of clothing that I have on. But I don't care. The only part of me that I can never keep warm is my face. There's just no way to cover up your face. Unless you want to look like a robber or something and I don't think that's a really good combination when you're trying to do missionary work.

I pretty much can't think of anything else to tell you....OH! I learned how to do the Hakka the other day. One of our roommates, Sister Lotulelei is Tongan and she knows how to do it. So now I can be all cool like the people from New Zealand. Minus the part that I'm really not that good and I'm definitely not that intimidating. But it was still fun.

We also met the senior couple that is going to be serving in our ward. They are really nice and we're excited to have them here. They are going to be a great support for the ward.

Love you all!!!
Hermana Parkin

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