Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Split Ever!

Hey all! 

This week has been pretty interesting! We went to Rockaway on Saturday to help finish up the relief work. Unfortunately, there really wasn't much to do. They split us up into groups with the South Missionaries so we got to hang out with some Spanish missionaries and some Creole missionaries serving down there and that was cool. But all we did the whole day was help this guy clean out his shed for 30 minutes. They didn't have any other work for us to do after that and everyone else in the area had everything cleaned up already. So we went back to the church and waited for everyone else. From what I've heard, most everyone's experiences were similar. So although I'm glad we got to help out that one guy, I was disappointed that we had to waste so much time at the church because we had no way of getting back to our area.

Yesterday, I had my very first split ever! This last transfer President Morgan called two sisters to be traveling missionaries. They still have their own area but they're in charge of going on splits and stuff with all the other sisters. I stayed here in the Bronx and Sister Alvarez went up to Yonkers. The traveling sister I was with, Sister Richey, has been out 2 or 3 months more than me and she is an incredible missionary. I learned so much from her and it was a really great experience! I'm excited to take what I learned from her and apply it to my own missionary work.

We also found out that we will be getting a missionary senior couple in our ward in the next couple weeks. They are Spanish speaking and are going to be fully involved in the ward, which should be really cool. We're excited to meet them.

The work here has gone a bit downhill. We had to drop some of our investigators because they weren't progressing. One of the older ladies that we've been working with for a really long time and who we have really struggled with finally told us that she is considering baptism but she is also leaving to go the Dominican Republic next week and she'll be gone for 2 or 3 months so that's sad. At least we planted the seed and hopefully when she comes back, the missionaries will be able to start working with her again. Or maybe she'll even find missionaries in the D.R. Caren and Mariela, the granddaughters of two members in our ward who were supposed to get baptiszed on Saturday have dropped us. We went over yesterday and they told us that they've decided to get baptized in the Catholic church. We're not really sure what happened, especially with Caren because she loves our church. We think maybe their mom, who isn't a member, doesn't want them to get baptized. We're planning on talking with the grandma to see if there is anything we can do but we also don't want to cause any problems so we'll see what happens. We are still working with William and Solimari, but they couldn't make it to church on Sunday so we're hoping to have their baptism on the 19th. But besides them, we pretty much don't have any more investigators anymore. So we're busy knocking doors and trying to get in contact with the member referrals we have. Luckily, Sister Alvarez and I have a really good time together so even though things are hard right now, we're not walking around like sad puppy dogs or anything.

I hope you all are doing well! Love you all!
Hermana Parkin

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